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5 Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd on Instagram

2020-01-12 21:30

Instagram has already been a significant social media platform for people to show their best side and promote themselves. I bet 90 % of you have Instagram accounts but don't know how to make your account stand out, so here are 5 main secret tips that I can't wait to share with you!


  • Create a theme

How consistent your photos' themes are? Staying consistent on your feeds has the magic of telling people stories. "When people visit your profile to see if they want to follow you, they first perceive your Instagram feed as a whole rather than analyze separate images" or carefully read your words. Hence, it's important to create a theme that resonates with your brand and connects the gallery. As Eric Dahan, the CEO of InstaBrand, has put it, "Staying consistent with filters, photography, and themes is a huge part of establishing a clear, focused brand DNA."

(@jeffmindell on Instagram)


  • Create a visual chain

Posts visually matching is important for catching people's eyes. For example, when you post a new image on Instagram, think about what your previous and third posts will look like. Since each new photo is displayed next to the previous one and right above the third, so these are the ones that should match visually. You may pick a filter and stick to it, or you may decide a tone that makes your account look comfortable. A consistent look will again tell people stories, and people can't help but say, " Oh, wow, I'd like to put those awesome feeds on my room walls!".

 (@shopdoen on Instagram)


  • Think about your target viewers

If you'd like to attract girls to check your account out, you can make your account look "shoppable". It’s fun for girls to look at beautiful clothes, but by all means, it is even more fun to shop them. You can probably put some tags of brands on your clothes and products in photos to make your feeds so trendy that girls may like it and find it rich in resources. If you like traveling, show it on your Instagram and share it with people who may also love traveling!

(@elainery on Instagram)


  • Comment or like on below

Commenting or giving a like on people's posts below will offer them access to your feeds that you've probably managed them with the above-mentioned strategies. When people see your comment below their posts, they may wonder who it is and then click into your account to check it out. If you already well managed your feeds, it is more likely that they may give you a like or comment back or even follow you.


  • Use hashtags

Instagram is basically the mother of the hashtags that are the way to search on the platform, unlike other social media platforms. So, make sure your hashtags are relevant, don’t go crazy on the amount and if you can, create one specific to your brand that you can use in all images. (Business Wales, 2018)




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