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Indonesian born new immigrant designs picture books to narrate stories of home country

2014-12-22 11:00


“We fly the kites on the roof instead of the grass,” said Hsu Ching-ying who is Indonesian born new immigrant. Hsu married her Taiwanese husband nineteen years ago. Hsu wears the traditional Indonesian dress and narrates the stories from Indonesia to the children with the picture books made by herself at Zouying Childcare Resource Center in Kaohsiung. 

Prior to the movement to Taiwan, Hsu can’t understand Mandarin and Taiwanese. She began learning Mandarin and Taiwanese after marriage. She used to be busy for taking care of her children and doing the housework at home. But she currently learns the traditional Indonesian dance with her two friends from Indonesia. They not only make the performances at the community but also act as volunteered mother at the school. In addition, she had made the picture book herself to introduce her home country to children with the encouragement by the faculty.

In her book, her states how they do the playing house in Indonesia. They put the foods in folium mori Instead of dish, she said. In order to making the stories more interesting, she plucks the folium mori to be teaching materials present to the children. Those kids always try to be the first to use the folium mori to do the playing house.

Wang Chuan-ming takes his grandson to appreciate the stories narrated by Hsu. Wang praise her performance highly. Wang also said the story make more and more people to know the folk cultures in Indonesia. Another viewer Chen Lee-ching and her son think it’s meaningful to know the different stories of new immigrants. Many kids can’t wait for the next story.

Hsu said she is glad to narrate the stories from Indonesia to the offspring of new immigrants in Taiwan with picture book she made. It’s really helpful for assisting in new immigrants’ children knowing more about Indonesian cultures, Hsu said. I am going to make more picture books and share the different stories with people. 


(Source: United Daily News)