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Baby boom in the Philippines due to COVID-19 lockdown

2021-04-06 09:20

Baby boom in the Philippines due to COVID-19 lockdown

封城難避孕 菲律賓爆新冠嬰兒潮



According to, the increase in babies born during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is expected to boom within the first six months of 2021, the chief of the Commission on Population and Development (Popcom) has said.


He said lockdown pregnancies would raise the number of births between January and September.

該委員會表示,預計人口將增加到1.111億,因為疫情導致計劃外懷孕的人數增加,這將影響“ 1歲以下年齡段的人數”。

The commission said the population was expected to swell at 111.1 million, which would affect the “under 1 age group” due to increased unplanned pregnancies brought about by the pandemic.


However, as vaccine talks continue, and lockdown restrictions ease enough for people to seek family planning services, Perez said they expected the number of unplanned pregnancies to “normalize” within 2021.

POPCOM「相信」這個現象將在今年第二季度或第三季度恢復正常。 否則,他們會提出一個“一年現象”計畫,並將開始採取紓緩措施。

POPCOM is “hopeful” that the situation will normalize by the second or third quarter of the year. Otherwise, they project a “year-long phenomenon” and will start doing mitigating measures.