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Creative seventy-old Chinese born new immigrant in Taiwan

2014-12-12 11:00


Yeh Hsien was born in China in 1945. Yeh moved to Vietnam with her families when she was two years old. She went through several demostic wars and turmoils in Vietnam. She grows up in a patriachy soceity. She can’t ever bear it and determined to move to Taiwan individually. She works in the factory in Taiwan at the age of twenty-nine. To avoid repatriating, she decided to marry a soldier who is over ten years older than her.

Yeh’s husband always leaves her alone at home. She feels lonely all the time. She begins learning beading and weaving from TV program. She sells her works at the markets which attract many people’s attetion. Her stunning works also help her win a chance to be an assistant of fine art classes at schools.

In past forty years, Yeh had made many artistic works incluing accessories, collages as well as clothes and bags. She brought her home a bacon by selling these items she made. Couple years ago, she was reconciled with her seperated husband who was ill.     

Yeh said she used to suffered from the melancholia. She was so depressed that even tried to kill herself many times but failed. She had changed her mind after joined a meeting with other new immigrants in Taiwan. She met many people who are unhappy and cannot make the well adpatation to Taiwan. She thought she may be able to encourage other new immigrants via sharing her expeirences.

Yeh and the handicapped people such as Kuo Wei-hsien work as volunteers all over Taiwan. In addition, she also donates two in three income to the people in need of helps.

Yeh is illiterate and moreover, she lost the fore finger of her right hand resulting from a car accident. She says she never thinks of giving up her life. She uses her disables hands to develop the happy life in Taiwan.

I am not embarrassed with my disabled hands because I believed it’s the chance granted from God to make me become a better person, Yeh said smilely. Just about everyone around her are touched by her warm smile.  


(Source: United Daily News)