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Podcast interview of the CEO of Pearl S. Buck Foundation: A foundation that has served in Taiwan for over 50 years

2021-04-09 12:00

NIA Global News】/translated by Amy Hsieh

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck is an American writer and novelist, she won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 and the Nobel prize in Literature in 1938. In 1964, she created the Pearl S. Buck Foundation to provide aid to children in other countries with health, education, and job training. The foundation is one of the first to serve new immigrants and their children in Taiwan.  

The first Taiwan office of the  Pearl S. Buck Foundation  was established in 1968. The foundation has been serving in Taiwan for over 50 years. Following the localization trend that is happening around the world, the foundation has been dealing with cross-marriage issues and serving new immigrant families in Taiwan. The foundation is a pioneer in social welfare to serve new immigrant families and children of new immigrants.

According to  The China Post, Taiwan’s online media  4-way Voice  and  NIA Global News  has recently launched a podcast named, “Taiwan Made Simple,” where immigrants, as well as NGO workers, share insights on relevant issues considering Taiwan’s migrants, highlighting the hardships faced by the community.

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Additionally, the population of new immigrants in Taiwan has increased substantially in recent years. The  Pearl S. Buck Foundation  has been providing comprehensive and systematic services for children of new immigrants and their families since 2000. New immigrants are now currently facing different situations compared to new immigrants in the past. The foundation still continues to provide help for new immigrants in Taiwan. Hsiao Hsiu-ling (蕭秀玲), the CEO of The Pearl S. Buck Foundation (賽珍珠基金會) will share more of the stories and experiences in  Taiwan Made Simple  Podcast episode 2.    

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