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Interesting and useful things you can do to kill boredom if you're quarantined at home

2020-04-02 15:50


If you work every day, a few day-offs may sound amazing to you. But if you got 14 "day-offs", you may drive yourself mad with boredom! Don't worry, there's no way to get bored after reading this. Here's a number of things that you can do during home quarantine! 


  1. Plan your next vacation down to the very last detail. We can’t know when it will happen, that’s up to fate, but we can at least envision how it will take place and what we want to see when we’re there. Ah, Google Images.
  2. Create a shared playlist on Spotify or any other music streaming platforms and ask all the people you love to add a few songs to listen to in moments of melancholy.
  3. Keep a quarantine diary: it will be "fun" to read it again in a few years. Probably?
  4. Start vlogging your quarantine. It’s up to you whether you want to publish them or not, it will still make for entertaining personal viewing in the future. 
  5. Watch some films that you wouldn’t normally pick, ones that you’ve been avoiding because they’re too “demanding”, niche or simply not really “your thing”. Maybe this article can help you expand your horizons. (Not-your-thing films for not-your-thing quarantine looks matched)
  6. If you have international friends, tell them about your individual experience in quarantine where you are, and try not to be too dramatic. Give them basic advice (washing their hands, etc.) to prevent the virus from spreading further.
  7. Update your resume and portfolio, so the next time you see a job listing that inspires you, you can be the first to apply. Here are some pointers for writing the perfect CV.
  8.  Go through your closet and pick at least three items that you no longer wear to sell on sites like Depop or Vestiaire Collective. Take some nice photos, describe the product, and wait for the cash to roll in.
  9. Karaoke is always a great idea, but... remember.. your neighbors may be bothered.
  10. Now that you have the time, try to rethink your food waste. Open the cupboard and check to see which foods are about to expire, and use them up in the next few days.
  11. If you miss the cinema, try to recreate its atmosphere at home. Popcorn, total darkness except for the screen, and maybe there’s a projector you forgot about lying around somewhere?
  12. And if you're really bored: Take a shower, fix your hair, dress up, and snap a selfie. It's time to change all the horrible profile pictures you’ve kept since 2016.
  13. Call your mom, your grandmother, and your long-time-ago friends.
  14. Throw away that pile of newspapers, magazines and random papers that have been building up in a corner for months. You don't need them, trust me.
  15. Before throwing everything in the trash though, consider repurposing them into a nice collage.
  16. Knowledge is power, always. Learn about topics you know little to nothing about by watching documentaries and studying online. ResearchGate and are two great places to start.


Source: i-D. vice