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How do people around the world celebrate Valentine's day?

2020-02-15 16:00


When it comes to Valentine's day, a bunch of red roses, a fancy romantic dinner, a box of chocolates, and a diamond necklace may pop up in your mind. On this day of "love in the air", people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day each in their own way. The following has shared 5 countries’ Valentine’s Day traditions that I found interesting with you. 


  • Philippines

In a lot of ways, Valentine’s Day celebrations in the Philippines are very similar to those in Western countries. But more surprisingly, the government would usually sponsor mass weddings on Valentine’s Day as public service and to help keep families together and stronger. Hence, Valentine’s Day is quite a gala event for Filipino young couples to enjoy national blessings. 


  • Romania

Different from other countries, Romanian Valentine’s Day, as know as "Dragobete", in Romania is celebrated on Feb. 24. Dragobete is a young god of the autochthonous pantheon and oftentimes associated with Roman mythology's Cupid and Greek mythology's Eros. "He did not use his powers to make people fall in love, but rather to always remind people to never stop celebrating love". Unlike the normal Valentine's Day, Dragobete not only is about roses, heart-shaped chocolate, and love letters but reminds people of being tender to your significant other, showing them your appreciation and love not through material objects but your attention and presence. (

  • Japan

In Western countries, it is common for both men and women to participate in a gift exchange. However, in Japan, V-Day plays out a bit differently. It is women that buy beautiful and delicious chocolates for their male companions or lovers. Men can’t return gifts until March 14, which is called the “white day”.



  • Czech Republic

V-Day in Czech is celebrated on 1st May in the country. The legend says that lovers should kiss each other under a blossoming cherry tree or birch tree on May 5. If any person who is not kissed, one will wither the following year. Singles can also find a better half for kissing under the blossoming cherry tree, or at least someone to experience May 1, and spot huge bonfires in Prague. 



  • England 

On V-day in England, women used to place five bay leaves on their pillows. This was done to bring dreams of their future husbands. In Norfolk, Jack Valentine acts as a Santa for Valentine’s day. In Wales, there was customary to give each other wooden spoons of different shapes on the day of all lovers. The most popular were spoons with ornaments of heart-shaped locks and keys to them.