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Chinese born new immigrant acts as a volunteer traffic controller

2015-01-09 16:30


Chinese-born new immigrant Yen Mei-chen met her Taiwanese husband on blind date sixteen years ago. She soon got married with him. Yen said she was so afraid that was thinking to run away when she arrived in the airport in Taiwan.

Yen is not familiar with cooking. In order to let her parents-in-law to taste the authentic Taiwanese cuisine, she joined the cooking training programs for Level C Technician for Chinese culinary. In addition, she also joins the vocational training programs including manipulative therapist. Yen had a medical license in China. She said she cured a man who had suffered from apoplexy for twelve years. In addition, she also joins other vocational training programs such like insurance as well as baby sitter and the training program for volunteer traffic controller.

Yen not only learns how to cook the authentic Taiwanese cuisine for her parents-in-law but joins many vocational training programs. She now acts as a volunteer traffic controller. Even though to be a traffic controller is so tough, she still enjoys her work so much. She feels glad to direct the traffic in the boiling hot weather. “My dream is to be a police officer. It’s a pity that I missed the chance to be a police officer,” she said. “Thus, I am satisfied to be a traffic controller.”

To take care of her children, she runs a massage store in Chiayi City. Her life is so busy but she is contented with it.

Compare to Taiwanese, Yen may have more passions for this island. “Life may be unpredictable and unknown, however, the life could be different as long as we always have courage to face it,” Yen encourages other new immigrants in Taiwan.


(Source: United Daily News)