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Vietnamese born new immigrant gives Taiwanese children Vietnamese language classes

2014-12-01 11:00


Vietnamese born new immigrant Chen Hsin-yi married Taiwanese husband eleven years ago. She can’t understand Taiwanese when she just moved to Taiwan. In order to learn Mandarin, she studied at the subsidiary school. She is so studious that is graduated with the first place honor from the junior high school. Chen is studying at the vocational high school at present. She would like to be a lecturer to teach new immigrant children Vietnamese and moreover, to know more about Vietnamese culture. Many official of National Immigration Agency praise Chen’s devotion highly.

Chen comes from a family that lives below the poverty line. She didn’t continue to study after graduating from the elementary school. She said she can’t communicate with her parents-in-law after married. To improve this awkward situation, Chen tries her best to learn Taiwanese. She now can speak Taiwanese like a native. However, she said she almost forget how to speak her mother tongue.     

She said she seldom speak Vietnamese in Taiwan. One day, she called her parents and her parents can’t understand what she said. It’s ashamed to forget the mother tongue, Chen said. Four years ago, Chen determined to work as an interpreter at Yilan County Service Station of National Immigration Agency.  

The manager of Yilan County Service Station of National Immigration Agency Lin Yuan-chung encourages Chen to register the special examination of NIA. To be an official could help more and more Vietnamese born new immigrants adapt themselves to Taiwan, Lin said. Chen noticed that fewer and fewer new immigrant children speak the mother tongue in Taiwan. Thus, she would like to be a teacher to give those children Vietnamese language programs to assist in them knowing more about Vietnam’s culture. In addition, she hopes to make Taiwanese people to realize as well as respect the Vietnamese born new immigrants who live in Taiwan. 


(Source: United Daily News)