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5 romantic movies that will melt your hearts

2020-02-05 16:20

Disney movies made me fall in love with romantic stories since I was a child. I'd always dreamed of a prince saving me from a tall tower and giving me a true love kiss. But when I grew older and older, I just realized stories are just stories. Princes aren't real, but a handsome rich young boss could be real in your life. Ha, yes, but the following romantic movies are not only about a rich man falling in love with a poor girl like Pretty Woman (1990) but more about love happening between two normal people. This is just why those movies are attractive.


  • 500 Days Of Summer (2009)

Don't tell me you haven't watched this movie before! It is about Tom meeting a "too good to be true" type of girl named Summer who makes him weave the dream of their love stories. We accompany Tom throughout the movie to look back at the relationship he shared with Summer and reflect on what went wrong during the 500 days. This movie works the way that none of us know when love begins, but its end always makes us feel lost.

(500 Days Of Summer (2009). Source: imdb)


  • Before Trilogy 

The trilogy consists of the films Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004) and Before Midnight (2013). The story is about Jesse's incredible one-night encounter with Céline he met on a train, and their story has been through nearly 20 years. According to Sawdey (2017), "the Before Trilogy may be billed as pure romantic escapism, but at the end of the day, this is truly a human story, one that we'll come back to time and time again. They may argue and bicker still, but as long as their purely fictional love preserves, so will our adoration." 

(Before Sunrise (1995). Source: imdb)


  • The Notebook (2004)

This is definitely my all-time favorite. A romance like Noah and Ally's may also be some people waiting for. Sometimes it feels weird seeing a man showing his crazy great love for a girl because it doesn't seem real in life, but it just makes sense in this movie. Through Noah reading to her from a notebook that tells the story of how they met and fell in love and faced obstacles to their happiness, we can see how steadfast his love for Ally. 

(The Notebook (2004). Source: imdb)


  • Pride & Prejudice (1995/ 2004/ 2005)

This movie has many adaptations of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, including a 2005 version, a 2004 adaptation, but my favorite and classic one is the 1995 BBC mini-series. It may not be your typical love story, but it moves people so much. Especially when Elizabeth and Darcy finally accept each other in "Pride & Prejudice," clear up their misunderstandings, and see each other as the true and brave people, the movie makes itself close to real life but touching at the same time.

(Pride & Prejudice (2005). Source: imdb)


  • Edward Scissorhands (1990)

The story happens between an artificial man named Edward, an unfinished creation who has scissor blades instead of hands and a blonde girl, Kim. This story shows that love could happen among any kind of people, and love makes people do everything. It is sad to see that Edward is not accepted by the townspeople, but Kim's love could embrace all of his peculiarity. Although Edward's blades don't even allow him to hug Kim, the pity that this movie left makes sad but more beautiful.

(Edward Scissorhands (1990). Source: imdb)