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7 Best Dramas on Netflix that I Highly Recommend

2020-01-21 17:00

When it comes to Netflix, I'm always excited. Netflix always saves me from my boring life. Here are some excellent dramas that I really recommend!


  • Money Heist 


The only thing that I'm going to say is...just go watch it if you haven't watched it! 'Money Heist' is definitely a spectacular Spanish drama you would ever watch. The story illustrates several gangsters gather for the 2.4 billion Euros, and the leader "Professor" successfully leads those gangsters to break into the Royal Mint of Spain. Since 'Money Heist' is released, it has received extremely high ratings and a huge amount of fans. The fast-paced and mind-twisting plots that the fans of it can't stop watching it!



  • You


At the end of 2019, 'You' gives us an exciting comeback. According to Fiona Flynn (2019), "This isn't a particularly great show in a lot of ways. Addictive yes, but it definitely comes from the type of trashy thriller you would consume in one day by a pool somewhere." If you have been looking for a drama that fulfills your fantasy of thriller romance, 'You' is the ONE.



  • Atypical 


It's about a young man called Sam, who has autism and doesn’t fit easily into what many would call the normal world. The plots are trivial and funny, but this show allows us to recall if we sometimes put a specific label on people before. "Nerds and geeks are one of television’s most ingrained stereotypes and viewers without a connection to the world of autism might be tempted to just put Sam into that pigeonhole and think they understand a complex and vexing condition. " (Genzlinger, 2017)



  • Crash Landing On You


I bet every girl would love 'Crash Landing On You'! Korean Dramas are always too romantic to be real, but girls just can't help but keep watching it. A romantic but risky love story happens between a soldier from North Korea and a female entrepreneur from South stories will be more exciting than this kind, right? Watching it and cuddling with your partners would be a really nice idea!



  • Sex Education


Furiously fast, furiously funny...' Sex Education' is a show that always matches your dinner alone. If you're looking for something that will make you feel less lonely when having dinner alone, 'Sex Education' may be a nice choice! 



  • When They See Us


This "gut-wrenching tale of the Central Park Five" ( Mangan, 2019) is adapted from the real event "The Central Park Jogger case" that occurred in 1989. The plots illustrate five young people in Harlem who are accused of raping a jogging woman and got arrested right after. The murderer hadn't admitted the crime until 2002 when four of them are released from prison, but these five teenagers had already been much tortured. The incident has unveiled the corruption of the American judicial system and racial discriminations and prejudices that make the audience greatly furious.



  • The Umbrella Academy


It is an American comic book series that illustrates 7 children who have a superpower and are adopted by a quirky billionaire from an early age and are cultivated into a superhero team to stop the end of the world coming 8 days later. This show doesn't distinguish the right and wrong but focuses on the story of families itself.