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TECO launched IG account “ttfans.thai” to promote Taiwan tourism, religious, culture and technology.

2019-05-27 15:50

Instagram (IG) account “ttfans.thai” (Source Instagram)

Instagram (IG) account “ttfans.thai” (Source Instagram)

In order to enhance the understanding of young people in Thailand towards Taiwan, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand (TECO) was officially launched the Instagram (IG) account “ttfans.thai” on May 21, 2019. The office hopes to share the high-quality images and audio-visuals of Taiwan's tourism, religious, culture, science and technology through the IG platform, promote Taiwan's soft power and strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and Thailand.

In recent years, the number of Thai tourists to Taiwan has continued to grow. In 2018, it has exceeded 320,000 people. Taiwan has become a popular tourist destination for Thai people. They have begun to gradually expand from the Taipei area to other parts of Taiwan. The customs of Taiwan's counties and cities are different, some have deep historical and cultural heritage, rare mountainous secrets, and different snacks flavor everywhere, which are worthy for visitors to try.

In addition, Taiwan and Thailand has a deep folk belief. Taiwan’s religious famous mountain temples, are located in beautiful scenery. In addition to the worship, visitors can enjoy the solemn or simple architectural style.

In addition to religion and tourism, this IG account will also focus on Taiwan's arts, cultural, information, science and technology achievements, such as the introduction of various architectural building photos, including the classical National Theater & Concert Hall, the innovative Taichung National Opera and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying. In addition, the representative office will also cooperate with relevant research and development units in science and technology in Taiwan to promote astronomical photos such as black hole photos, hoping to bring the most touching experience to our fans.