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Monday syndrome: tips for a better Monday

2020-02-07 14:20

When a Monday is approaching, we may feel uneasy and reluctant because it means holidays are about to end, and a bunch of work is waiting for us. Do you have Monday blues and not know how to deal with them? If so, don't worry, here are some tips for you to analyze your emotional status and to beat dreaded Monday blues.


  • Question your lack of motivation

First of all, you need to ask yourself "what's wrong". If you've always had Monday blues, that may be a sign that you are unhappy at work. Alexander Kjerulf, an international author, says that "the ‘Monday Blues’ describes a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek if they're not happy at work". You need to identify what makes you unhappy, solve it, or change your mentality.


  • Distinguish holidays and weekdays

Some people still turn on work mode even during holidays, some people can't focus on work itself, and others see a job as "a job" only. To enhance the effectiveness of your work and increase the quality of your holidays, you may try to turn off your mail notifications and unplug from any work-related problems to focus on personal time. Vice versa, when you are at work, you should focus on the work itself and stop thinking about nonrelated matters to your work.


  • Avoid overscheduling on Mondays

One of the biggest causes of Monday blues is that we always overschedule on Mondays. Therefore, if possible, you may try to advance some part of your work to Fridays of the last week or Tuesday of the week. No matter what way you're going to use, avoiding overscheduling and easing up on Mondays may be helpful.


  • Treat yourself and build a Monday ritual

If you love a nutritious breakfast, you should treat yourself with a fancy breakfast on Mondays! Breakfasts not only give you energy but remove all your reluctance to Mondays. If you love coffee, get one! If you love cakes, don't hesitate! All you need to do is to treat yourself very well on Mondays, hence, you may start building yourself a ritual to help you kick off hideous Mondays


  • Dress up

You may wear your favorite new outfits on Mondays to help you build your confidence around the office and might get you a few compliments from co-workers. When you look good, you feel good. Even if you are so tired on Mondays, you can still tell yourself when looking in a mirror, "see? at least, I look so good today" and dashingly turn back to work.


  • Don’t live for the weekends

I understand everybody has been already to celebrate TGIF since Mondays, but living for the weekends may make you idle away your time. If you live for the weekends, Mondays can be cruel. Stop thinking about holidays will allow you to focus on your work and enhance its efficiency. It’s about pausing, reflecting, thinking about: ‘What can I do to make my Mondays a little bit more enjoyable?’


Don't worry. Mondays can be cute if you start trying a few changes :)