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Indonesian born new immigrant makes well adaption to Taiwan

2015-01-05 16:30


40-year-old Indonesian-born new immigrant Peng Hsueh-chien married Taiwanese husband when she was twenties. Due to Peng is an overseas Chinese in Indonesia, she can speak Hakka. However, her husband is only one person speak Hakka in her husband’s family. The others only speak Taiwanese. She feels hard to adapt to this society due to the language barriers. She knows she needs to learn Mandarin and Taiwanese well to make her life in Taiwan easier. But she has no spare time to learn Mandarin and Taiwanese because she needs to take care of her children and do the part-time job.

Following her children grow up, she finally have the free time to learn Mandarin and Taiwanese. Two years ago, her neighbor who is a new immigrant told her there are so many free Mandarin language programs held by the government. To make the well adaptation to this society as soon as possible, she registers the Mandarin language program for new immigrants which held by the Shihlin District Office. She started with phonetic symbols. The lecturers give them lessons via picture books, showing them the practical vocabularies in life. After a series of lessons, she can speak Mandarin and Taiwanese fluently now.

Peng said she has no problem to speak Mandarin but she still feels hard with reading and writing in Mandarin. She said she likes studying. She suggests other new immigrants in Taiwan to join the free programs which held by the local government to learn Mandarin and other vocational skills. She expects herself could learn Mandarin well and moreover, she wishes every new immigrant lives happily in Taiwan. 

(Source: United Daily News)