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Taiwan Made Simple podcast is now on air!

2021-03-24 19:00

4-Way Voice and NIA Global News have been paying attention to new immigrant related topics for a long time. This time, 4-Way Voice and NIA Global News together launches a Taiwan Made Simple podcast. The podcast invites experts, scholars, and outstanding new immigrants in the podcast and share their opinions. And together they explore topics that new immigrants in Taiwan are concerned about.

The first episode of the podcast is hosted by Liana and Joyce, they invite Sally, the CEO of Formosa Budding Hope Association, to talk about “WOMAN POWER” in Southeast Asia, and next-generation new immigrants’ strength and international prospect.    

The first episode of the show started because the hosts Liana and Joyce were curious about whether new immigrant women in Taiwan have ever encountered any difficulties? And is there also a rising female power In Southeast Asia?

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The first episode invites Sally, the CEO of Formosa Budding Hope Association. This association is a Cambodian overseas non-profit organization. Sally has worked there for more than ten years. She is also the executive supervisor of the Formosan Association for Immigration Human Rights.

In addition to her overseas experience, she has also interacted with a lot of new immigrants in Taiwan. She helps new immigrants adjust to life in Taiwan. In the podcast, Sally, who has a lot of domestic and foreign experience, will talk to you about the rise of female power in Southeast Asia, as well as the international prospect and competitiveness of the children of new immigrants.

Check out the first episode here on Spotify. 

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