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Taipei Dangdai Takes a Big Step of Aesthetics Forward to the World

2020-01-20 10:40


Taipei Dangdai 2020 has been back for its second edition from Jan. 17 to Jan. 19 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1(TaiNEX 1) since last year's brought great success. Taipei Dangdai is known as the craziest annual art fair in Taiwan and has attracted many art collectors, artists, celebrities, and commoners to come to witness how this grand event of art embodies global visions and push Taiwan to the world.


The contemporary art fair works with 99 top-notch galleries, foreign artists, Taiwanese artists, and solo exhibitions, of which 23 have permanent exhibition spaces in Taiwan. The scale of the works is way more upgraded than last year, and it is also the world's first grand art exhibition in 2020 and the most anticipated international art event in the world. Besides, it provides a salon section where collectors can choose from artworks starting from US$8,000(Taipei Times, 2019), two cafes for people to enjoy coffee's fragrance blending with aesthetic flavors, and a lounge bar which earned a Michelin Star.


 The following has shared some must-see artworks from galleries with you:


  • Double Square Gallery/ Chen Wan-Jen 《夜太美》

(Photograph: Double Square Gallery)


Many smartphones equipped with motors are placed in a pool, and each phone is set up by the artist to photograph people swimming from directly above. Each miniature of humans in this black box is like swimming in the sea of time without beginning and end.


  • Over the Influence/ Invader


The large-scale sculpture of Bruce Lee made by a rare French street artist, Invader, is brought by Over the Influence, a Hong Kong Gallery. This seems to make street art shine over Taipei Dangdai with the spirit of "Be Water, My friend"!

(Photograph: Global News for New Immigrants)


  • Levy Gorvy Gallery/ Pat Steir


Female abstract artists have finally gained belated attention in recent years, and Pat Steir, an important American abstract painter brought by Levy Gorvy Gallery, is one of them. Apart from devoting to contemporary art, she has also been concerned about and participated in feminist movements. Her iconic "waterfall painting" is letting the pigment flow with gravity to show the state of conforming to nature.

(Photograph: Global News for New Immigrants)

  • Chini Gallery/ Jo Hsieh謝貽娟

(Photograph: Global News for New Immigrants)

  • Andreas Eriksson

As a Sweden artist, "Eriksson's work often embraces dualities such as inside and outside, lightness and heaviness, illusion and reality. His work hovers enigmatically between the abstract and the figurative, creating a window onto the outside world, which is simultaneously familiar and mysterious. " (Stephen Friedman Gallery)

(Photograph: Global News for New Immigrants)

  • Bernard Frize


Bernard Frize, a French painter, says, "For me, painting has always been a place for developing ideas and reflecting on the history of art and images. It was a connection with the world that I liked. As soon as I started—even when I was a student—I wanted to be part of this world and deal with ideas, society, and philosophy".

(Photograph: Global News for New Immigrants)


  • Christopher Le Brun

9Photograph: Global News for New Immigrants)

If you missed Taipei Dangdai this year, don't worry! Let's look forward to next year's art fair that will definitely make Taiwan shine again to the world.