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Vietnamese born new immigrant gives mother tongue lesson to children

2015-01-26 16:30


Vietnamese born new immigrant Chiao Huang-yin notices that her sisters’ children cannot speak Vietnamese. They can’t communicate with their grandparents when they visit their maiden home in Vietnam. She feels so frustrated that she asks Xinzhuang District Office to assist in her giving these children of new immigrant Vietnamese language lessons. The Xinzhuang District Office promises her to offer a free classroom. She is thankful for their kindness.

Chiao got married with her Taiwanese husband twelve years ago. She has a son who studies the third grade of elementary school. She works as an interpreter and lecturers for Vietnamese language classes in Taoyuan City.

Chiao said many new immigrant’s children can’t understand what their grandparents talk about, resulting in the unfamiliarity between them and elders. She feels grateful for her children can understand a little Vietnamese.

“The nationality of new immigrant’s children is Taiwan but they still have the half blood of Vietnamese,” she said. Chiao gives Vietnamese language lessons in Taoyuan now, however, she is still eager to open a class to teach children Vietnamese in Xinzhuang District, introducing them the folk cultures in Vietnam. However, she can’t implement her goal because the lack of the money. She earlier wrote a letter to the Xinzhuang District Office to ask a support for her proposal. To her surprise, the office promised to sponsor her the place for free. She gives Vietnamese language class in Hsin Tai Civil Center every Saturday.    

The section manager of Xinzhuang District Office Hsieh Yu-li said that there are nearly 1,700 new immigrants living in the Xinzhuang District. The offspring of new immigrant understand the mother tongue could develop the good parent-child relationship. “We agree the idea from Chiao after we received her letter,” said Hsieh, “We do think this kind language programs are helpful for the development of offspring of new immigrants in Taiwan.”


(Source: United Daily News)