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2020 Taipei Water Festival has already started

2020-07-23 14:00


The 2020 Taipei Water Festival has come! Working with Taipei City Government, Taipei Water Festival at Taipei Water Park has strived to provide teenagers and families with more entertainment activities in this summer vacation. Amenities of the Water Park are now open to the public to enjoy aquatic activities in a relaxing space. 


Held at the Taipei Water Park, the Taipei Water Festival has been the highlight of summer activities every year in Taipei! The Taipei Water Park has opened to the public, and the 10m x 10m inflatable pool will bring you the coolest summer! All kinds of performances and theme activities will be held to make your holidays brilliant! 


✅Date and time:2020/7/18-2020/8/30 (Monday is the day off)

✅ Location: Taipei Water Park(No. 1, Shiyuan Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei)

✅Price: Regular $80/ Group with more than 40 members will get 20% off

✅For detailed information:

(Source: 2020 Taipei Water Festival's Facebook fan page)

Source: 2020 Taipei Water Festival's Facebook fan page