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Flash marriage between Chinese woman and Taiwanese man

2014-12-08 11:00


In March 2011, Hsieh Yin encountered a polite man when she took a trip with friends in Guilin, China. Her friend introduced her a guy is from Taiwan whose name is Pan Kuo-hao. They fell in love at first sight.

Two days later, Pan asked Hsieh to go on a date with him. He proposed to her during the dating. He promised her he will try his best to take care of her. They are married in Taiwan so soon after she said yes.

Hsieh always feels lonely and homesick because she has no friends and families in Taiwan. She encouraged her husband to invest some businesses in China. However, Pan refuses her proposal.

Hsieh has attended the programs held by Chinese Association for Relief and Ensuring Services recently. She knew many friends from the programs. In addition to sharing her life experiences in Taiwan, she also hangs out with friends to ease her homesickness.

Hsieh is the envy of her classmates because her husband always comes to pick her up after class. Their conjugal love is well-known to all and moreover, they were selected as a model couple by CARES. They shared their opinions with other new immigrants in Keelung last month.

Hsieh said she likes Taiwan. The people in Taiwan are friendly and gentle. Her husband and mother-in-law both treat her well. She also said her mother-in-law guide her the great Taipei when she moved to Taiwan. Even though the weather in Taiwan is humid, she gets used to it now. She said her skin becomes smoother and healthier than before.

Hsieh says she gets used to living in Taiwan now but she still misses home sometimes. She visits her maiden home in China once a year because she needs to work. She expects the authority could allow the parents of foreign spouses staying in Taiwan to ease the homesickness of new immigrants.  


(Source: United Daily News)