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Shanghai woman tries her best to adapt to Taiwan

2015-01-16 16:30


47-year-old Chiu Hung-ya met her Taiwanese husband who ran business in Shanghai fifty years ago. They were married soon after they were on dating. She moved to Taiwan with husband after marriage.

Chiu is living in a farming village in Taiwan. She said she cannot adapt to Taiwan well because she is from a bustling city. In Shanghai, the females dominate over the males. However, most of Taiwanese grow up in a society dominated by a patriarchy. There is gender inequality existing in Taiwan. She feels hard to get used to it. She only shares the positive things with her families for fear of causing their worry to her.

Chiu said she didn’t have the identification card when she came to Taiwan. In order to help out financially, she did the part time job at a clothing factory. She usually worked more than twelve hours a day but never thought of quitting. She ran the risk of earning more than NT$30,000 dollars monthly. She said she works hard in order to save money to buy airplane ticket to Shanghai. Due to the occupational hazard, she cannot carry the heavy stuff by her right arm at present.

Chiu is living in Lunbei Township, Yunlin County which is a typical community of the Zhaoan branch of the Hakka. The people around her are extremely kind to her, assisting in her making the quick adaption to this society. In order to adapt to local life as soon as possible, she joins the volunteermservice activities and studying group to know more about cultures of Hakka.

Chiu said she can’t speak Taiwanese and Hakka well. She can only say hi in Taiwanese and Hakka to people so far.

Hakka is known for the cotton prints, Chiu integrates the traditional Hakka cotton prints and the patchwork to make the hats and bags and other accessories. Her fine works receive the recognition of local people. Chiu said she is contented with her current life and glad to find out her life goal in Taiwan.


(Source: United Daily News)