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Studious Indonesian born new immigrant goes to school

2014-12-29 11:00


Indonesian-born new immigrant Hsieh Li-li comes a family that is engaged in agriculture. Studying-hard Hsieh didn’t continue to study after graduated from elementary school because her family’s fi­nancial condition is not allowed her to study further. She has to stay at home to help do the farming work, take care of her younger brothers and sisters also do the housework. She likes studying and she always reads while she cooks. In Indonesia, the female plays a main role to take care of the children at home after marriage. Hsieh thought her life will be the same as most of women in Indonesia. To her surprised, she is supported and encouraged by family to study at junior high school after marrying her Taiwanese husband.

Prior to the movement to Taiwan, Hsieh said she cannot understand Mandarin. Before she went to school, she only can speak Mandarin but was unable to read and write in Mandarin. She went to study at Ho Sheng Elementary School with her daughter at the same time. They study and do the homework together. She graduated earlier than her girl because it’s only taken three years to finish the subsidiary school. She now studies at Kung Chang Junior High School. She said her favorite course is Mandarin because Mandarin is beautiful language. Math and science always confuse her. But she enjoys every class and looks forward to learning the new knowledge from school.

In addition to the text books, Hsieh likes reading the novels. She owns many books including culinary books, travel books and novels and the like. She said the motivational novels are her favorite because she is inspired when she reads them. Reading makes her happy, she added.

Hsieh said her daughter always turn off the television when she reads. Then her daughter joins her reading. She asks her daughter’s opinions when she cannot understand the wording from the books. They both like reading and always share everything with each other. Hsieh said she learns knowledge from books. She expects she could study further and moreover, to join the study group in the near future.


(Source: United Daily News)