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Vietnamese-born new immigrant writes poems to show fondness for husband

2014-12-19 11:00


Vietnamese-born new immigrant Liu Hsing-chuan is an overseas Chinese in Vietnam. Lin knows her Taiwanese husband Hsu Nien-fu on blind date. At the beginning, they write the letters to each other. One year later, they begin in a relationship. They have a son and one daughter soon after married. They have the happiness life in Taiwan. 

Liu said she had the difficulty to adapt to Taiwan due to the language barrier. She went to study Mandarin at the subsidiary school and felt interested with literature and history. She began making poems by herself. Studying-hard Liu was invited to attend the 2014 Pacific Poems Festival and moreover, her newest creation “Snow Hair Vow” which wrote by classical Chinese receives the high recognition.

Moreover, she was invited by Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau to take part in the “Pacific Poems Festival” to recite the poetry. In early June, Liu created “Snow Hair Vow” by classical Chinese to memorialize the days of dating with husband which amazed the poets in Taiwan. The poet Chen Lee praised her works highly. Chen said it’s amazing that she records her love story by making poems.

Liu recalls the memories when she moved to Taiwan. She said she went through the depression for a while. Liu said she was touched by a call from Bureau of Social Affairs. The caller speak Vietnamese which is her most familiar language. After that, she has determined to send the warmth to other new immigrants in Taiwan. She has been being the volunteer for more than two years to assist in the new immigrants making the well adaption to Taiwan and ease the homesickness.   


(Source: United Daily News)