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The Ways of These Countries Celebrating New Year's Eve May Fascinate you!

2019-12-31 11:00

How many celebration rituals that you have heard around the world? The following has shared some rituals that fascinate me with you!

  • Eating grapes in Spain

"The twelve grapes of luck " on New Year's Eve is both a tradition and a superstition that consists of eating a grape with each clock bell strike at midnight of December 31 to welcome the New Year in Spain. This ritual originates from an old story that in the late 80s, Madrid's bourgeoisie used to stay in their mansions and drink sparkling wine and grapes for the New Year, and one day, a group of Spaniards decided to mock this behavior and gather at Puerta del Sol to eat grapes as well. They satirized the bourgeoisie with this special “performance art”. Gradually, what they did for has been forgotten, but it has generally accepted by people across Spain and became a unique New Year's celebration.

(Photograph: BBC)


  • Eating lentils in Brazil, Italy, and Chile

Eating lentils is one of the most popular New Year’s rituals, and it is believed to originate from Italy. Lentils are said to attract money and abundance because their shape resembles coins. Based on this little superstition, they always go for the lentils first though there are lots of cuisines out there on the table.

(Photograph: BBC)


  • Dropping things in the US

Dropping off things to ring in the new year is now a uniquely American tradition, with local varieties around the country, and dropping an illuminated ball at Times Square is a classic New Year's Eve tradition that dates back more than a hundred years. However, what they drop off is freaking weird. A ball, a blueberry, a mossbunker fish, a ten-foot Gibson Guitar, a tree, a Plexiglas pyramid, Iceberg Lettuce, a 900-pound copper-and-steel acorn, a red crab, a stuffed goat, and a pair of yellow pants... etc. Anything you could think of would be one of the choices for them to drop off.


  • Plenty of sounds in the Philippines

Horns, music, yelling, blowing whistles, clanging pots and pans, and lighting firecrackers will be the leading roles on New Year's Eve to keep away bad luck and evil spirits. Besides, they believe everything should be round on New Year’s Eve, so they would fill up one’s pockets with coins and shake the pockets at midnight that represents a good fortune.



  •  New year celebration on September 11th in Ethiopia

Ethiopia celebrates the new year on September 11th, based on the Ethiopian calendar, with huge festivities. Enkutatash, which translates to “gift of jewels,” harks back to the days when the Queen of Sheba returning from her visit to King Solomon in Jerusalem in 980 BC. Until now, children receive small gifts and adults gather with friends and family.


  • 3-day extravaganza with big crowds in Zimbabwe 

They host a 3-day extravaganza with big crowds at Jameson Vic Falls Carnival for New Year's celebration including fire dancers, stilt walkers, and the continent’s biggest waterfall, and many live performances by local deejays and other up-and-coming musicians.


  • Throwing water in Thailand

As in South American countries, Thailand‘s ritual of throwing water represents "the sins of the previous year with the water washing away all wrongdoings". The celebration normally lasts for three days, and they would also play games, eat traditional foods, and spend quality time with families and friends during the celebration.


  • Taipei 101 fireworks display in Taiwan

Taipei 101 fireworks display has been one of the biggest ways of celebrating New Year's Eve since 2004, and this year, Taipei 101 fireworks display will have approximately 16,000 rounds and run for 300 seconds, in combination with animations on the building's giant T-Pad wall, which is made up of 140,000 LED bulbs and covers the exterior from the 35th to the 90th floor. By the time, people from other cities will together celebrate this national firework display!



Have you fascinated by these ways of celebrating on New Year's Eve? How do you usually celebrate on New Year's Eve? Come share with us!