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How to stay cool in hot weather without air conditioning

2020-07-16 16:30



Are you wondering how to survive the summer heat? Do you turn on the AC every single night but worry that you may have to pay much for electricity? Don't worry! Here are five tips for you to stay cool in hot weather.


  • Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is a key factor for your body to maintain homeostasis or the regulated state. Drinking water is essential to survive the summer heat. If you are thirsty, it shows you’ve waited too long to drink, so keep reminding yourself to stay hydrated all the time!


  •  Avoid peak sun hours

Spending time outdoors in the middle of the day might bring you a heat stroke. So, seek shade or avoid the sun during the peak hours of 10 a.m. - The sun is strongest during those hours, even on cloudy days. Otherwise, go early or late outside will help you survive the summer heat! 


  • Dress appropriately

Wearing natural fiber summer clothing will help you ease your uncomfortable feelings in the summer and cool down yourself a little bit. Hats are super helpful to keep blazing hot weather away. Sunglasses also protect your eyes against the sun's UV rays, which could otherwise lead to cataracts.


  • Ventilate your space

You should ensure windows can open and, if they are exposed to direct sunlight, make sure curtains are installed to keep the heat out. You can also use fans to cool down yourself if you worry that turning on the AC will cost much.


  • Change how you eat

You may avoid meat products because when your body absorbs extra energy, your body will heat up very easily. Components such as lettuce, celery and cucumber have a high water content to keep you better hydrated. 


The above-mentioned tips will definitely help you cool down in this exaggeratedly hot weather! Let's survive this summer heat together.

(Source: Pixabay)