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Vietnamese born new immigrant gets certificate of Level C technician for Chinese culinary

2015-01-12 16:30


Dang Ya-lu is an overseas Chinese in Vietnam who has a good-looking face. Dang has married her Taiwanese husband for seventy years. She is one of eight children at maiden home. Dang was married her Taiwanese husband at the age of twenty-five. She moved to Yuansheng Township, Yilan County after marriage, developing her exotic life in Taiwan.

She said there were few foreign spouses in Tung Le Village, Yuan Sheng Township when she just went over there. She always feels lonely because she has no friends. It’s lucky that her parents-in-law treat her nice and moreover, there is a great relationship between she and her husband. She finally gets used to the life in Taiwan. Dang has two children after marriage.

Dang’s parents-in-law can only speak Taiwanese. However, Dang cannot understand Taiwanese when she was married. The language barrier confused her, thus, she began learning Taiwanese from TV dramas. She was active to ask people when she cannot understand the wording. She can speak Taiwanese fluently now.

Dang’s mother-in-law is skilled at cooking. Dang can cook well after the direction of her mother-in-law. In addition, she also wins the certificate of Level C technician for Chinese culinary. She is diligent in her work. She has many working experiences in Taiwan including chef at the school, operator at clothing factory and electronic factory. She now works with her husband who runs the exercise tool business.

Dang has her own family and raises her children in this island. Dang said she likes the people and their kindness and warmth in Taiwan. I already fell in love with this island, she added.  


(Source: United Daily News)