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Taipei Dangdai Takes a Big Step of Aesthetics Forward to the World
2020-01-20 10:40

Taipei Dangdai 2020 has been back for its second edition from Jan. 17 to Jan. 19 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1(TaiNEX 1) since last year's brought great success. Taipei Dangdai i...

Are You Spending Your Money too Quickly? 6 Tips for You to Earn More and Spend Less
2020-01-16 13:30

I know, making money needs hard works, and spending money makes people happy. However, it's always heartbreaking to find that you spend more than you expected. Don't worry, same here! I wa...

5 Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd on Instagram
2020-01-12 21:30

Instagram has already been a significant social media platform for people to show their best side and promote themselves. I bet 90 % of you have Instagram accounts but don't know how to make your ...

How Have Zodiac Signs Affected My Life?
2020-01-07 19:40

I met a guy whose Zodiac sign is Scorpio, and I said No (No offense, Scorpio people). I know, I shouldn't consider too much Zodiac sign compatibility before dating anyone, but I just can't...

Can People with High Blood Pressure Drink Coffee?
2020-01-05 16:50

Being busy, staying up late, having an unhealthy diet, and being always stressful...are you having a healthy life? About 1 in 4 people in Taiwan have high blood pressure, and those people are a...

The Ways of These Countries Celebrating New Year's Eve May Fascinate you!
2019-12-31 11:00

How many celebration rituals that you have heard around the world? The following has shared some rituals that fascinate me with you! Eating grapes in Spain "The twelve grapes of luck &...

How Has Duterte's Campaign Against Drugs Affected the Philippines?
2019-12-28 14:30

Since President Rodrigo Dutert's grip on power in 2016, he has carried out the “large-scale murdering enterprise” step by step, according to a new Amnesty report. (Hannah, 2019). Wi...

Why Taiwan and Why not Taiwan: Southeast Asian Students Students Coming to Taiwan Analysis
2019-12-23 17:10

Owing to the implementation of the New Southbound Policy, the number of foreign students has continued to climb over the past few years. Plus, the Philippines has also grown important to Taiwan, and t...

7 Fun Facts About the Philippines, Have you heard of them?
2019-12-23 16:00

For all those people who haven't been to the Philippines, there may be boundless fantasies about the Philippines in their minds. Paradise-like beaches, super hot weather, enthusiastic people, deli...

Is the Philippines Dangerous? Your Misunderstanding May Come from the Biased Narratives of the media
2019-12-14 19:30

Source: We have been instilled by the pieces of news that the Southeast countries are too dangerous to go to. Robbery, guns, terrorist attacks, and a queue of people bagging you for mone...

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