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Meeting the owner of a Filipino restaurant in Taichung
2021-03-30 19:30

The NIA Global News reporter visited a Filipino restaurant and met a Filipino new immigrant named Pinky. Read her story below. The first time I met Pinky, she was singing and taking photos with he...

The internet power of Southeast Asia housewives
2021-03-30 18:00

Sally Yu (余慈薰) Education: Master of Social Work (MSW) Community Organization and Advocacy, Monash University Current Position: Founder of the Formosa Budding Hope Association Managing Supervi...

Eight-year-old Taiwan-Iran writer wows Amazon with sci-fi picture book
2021-03-26 15:00

What do eight years old kidslearn?Studentsinfirst gradeusuallyhave an understanding and knowledge of basic skills in languagesuch as thealphabet andChinesephonetic symbols, as well as a passion forwat...

Taiwan Made Simple podcast is now on air!
2021-03-24 19:00

4-Way Voice and NIA Global News have been paying attention to new immigrant related topics for a long time. This time, 4-Way Voice and NIA Global News together launches a Taiwan Made Simple podcast. T...

Interview of 7th Dream Building Program winner Tseng Pei-Hsuan
2021-03-24 14:00

【NIA Global News】/translated by Amy Hsieh This time, the reporter of the NIA Global News interviewed Tseng Pei-Hsuan, who was chosen into the “7th Dream Building Program for New Immigrants an...

NPM Asian Art Festival: Mongolian Month now starts until Nov. 1
2020-09-29 10:00

Since yesterday (Sept. 26), the series of NPM Asian Art Festival: Mongolian Month has started. Members of the Ouyang Huichen Dance Company performed a Mongolian-themed piece at the opening of the ...

"International audiovisual programming platform" pilot project undertaken by CNA
2020-09-22 17:00

The Central News Agency (CNA) is to undertake a pilot project to build an "international video-streaming platform", eyeing to introducing Taiwan to the international community, the Ministry ...

2020 Military Village Cultural Festival to be hosted Oct. 1
2020-09-22 13:30

2020 Military Village Cultural Festival to be hosted Oct. 1 The 2020 Military Village Cultural Festival will be hosted from Oct. 1-31 at the Air Force Sanchong First Military Village. Themed &q...

Ministry of Culture to issue book vouchers during 2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition
2020-09-16 16:00

The 2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition will combine online and physical elements. Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te announced on September 1 that the Ministry of Culture will be issuing 200,0...

Multilingual healthcare handbook launched for new immigrants
2020-09-16 10:00

To encourage new immigrants to make good use of Taiwan's medical health service resources, the Health Department of Taipei City Government has particularly issued this multilingual handbook to...

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