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Special Report

New immigrants learn skills from multicultural programs
2015-03-23 11:50

Many new immigrants feel hard to adapt to Taiwan because they face not only the language barrier but also face the cultural differences. The authority establishes the variety of multicultural prog...

Chinese born new immigrant has identification card in Taiwan
2015-03-20 11:50

43-year-old Tsai Ya-kang is a Chinese born new immigrant. Tsai said his wife’s maiden home runs the business in Hong Kong and China. He knew his Taiwanese wife on blind date. He used to be a...

Japanese born new immigrant sells authentic Japanese cuisine in Yilan
2015-03-16 11:50

Japanese born new immigrant Kanazawa Shigenari comes from Fukushima Prefecture, Japan who is a Taiwanese son-in-law. Kanazawa is good at cooking Japanese cuisine. He used to run an izakaya in Japa...

Indonesian born new immigrant makes quick adaption to Taiwan
2015-03-13 11:40

Indonesian born new immigrant Chao Hsiu-lan has married Taiwanese husband for twenty-three years. Chao said she was usually upset with her husband who has bad temper when they just married. They w...

Vietnamese born new immigrant: To learn Mandarin is important
2015-03-09 11:40

Vietnamese born new immigrant Juan Hsieh has married Taiwanese husband for seven years. Juan has bachelor’s degree of Law helps her act as the manager for female department in Chinese Foreig...

Chinese born new immigrant brings boiled fish and pickles to gourmets in Taiwan
2015-03-06 11:40

Forty-year-old Chinese born new immigrant Cheng Tsu-yun used to have a marriage in China. She has three children with her ex-husband. Her husband was dead couple years ago. Four years ago, she vis...

Indonesian born new immigrant knows friends from Facebook
2015-03-02 11:40

Kao Mei-ping married Taiwanese husband seven years ago. She always feels lonely because she has no friends. Thus, they ask help at the local health center. The staff of the health center suggests ...

Chinese born new immigrant works in subsidiary company of Hon Hai Group
2015-02-26 11:40

Chinese born new immigrant Jin Lee-na is from Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, China who works in subsidiary company of Hon Hai Group. Jin met her Taiwanese husband who works at Hon Hai. They soon ...

Indonesian born new immigrant becomes helper of local health center
2015-02-24 11:40

Forty-year-old Chen Ya-tun said she come to Taiwan to work as a health aide for the elders. These two elders now become her parents-in-law. In order to overstake the language barrier, Chen tries h...

Chinese born new immigrant brings home bacon herself
2015-02-16 11:40

Hsieh Su-chin comes from Guangdong Province, China. She married her Taiwanese husband eighteen years ago. Due to the domestic violence, her marriage ended in divorce. She is currently living with ...