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Vietnamese born new immigrant gives mother tongue lesson to children
2015-01-26 16:30

Vietnamese born new immigrant Chiao Huang-yin notices that her sisters’ children cannot speak Vietnamese. They can’t communicate with their grandparents when they visit their maiden ho...

Vietnamese born new immigrant runs a diner to sell authentic Vietnamese cuisine
2015-01-23 16:30

Chen Yu-jao is from Vietnam. She has a son who is third grade student at the elementary school. Chen’s husband was a fisher who suffered from the occupational hazard and cannot work anymore....

Vietnamese born new immigrant excellent at cooking
2015-01-19 16:30

Yuan Shui-hsiu’s good friend got married with Taiwanese. Fourteen years ago, Yuan’s good friend visited Vietnam with her husband and other friends from Taiwan. Her good friends introdu...

Shanghai woman tries her best to adapt to Taiwan
2015-01-16 16:30

47-year-old Chiu Hung-ya met her Taiwanese husband who ran business in Shanghai fifty years ago. They were married soon after they were on dating. She moved to Taiwan with husband after marriage. ...

Vietnamese born new immigrant gets certificate of Level C technician for Chinese culinary
2015-01-12 16:30

Dang Ya-lu is an overseas Chinese in Vietnam who has a good-looking face. Dang has married her Taiwanese husband for seventy years. She is one of eight children at maiden home. Dang was married he...

Chinese born new immigrant acts as a volunteer traffic controller
2015-01-09 16:30

Chinese-born new immigrant Yen Mei-chen met her Taiwanese husband on blind date sixteen years ago. She soon got married with him. Yen said she was so afraid that was thinking to run away when she ...

Indonesian born new immigrant makes well adaption to Taiwan
2015-01-05 16:30

40-year-old Indonesian-born new immigrant Peng Hsueh-chien married Taiwanese husband when she was twenties. Due to Peng is an overseas Chinese in Indonesia, she can speak Hakka. However, her husba...

Studious Indonesian born new immigrant goes to school
2014-12-29 11:00

Indonesian-born new immigrant Hsieh Li-li comes a family that is engaged in agriculture. Studying-hard Hsieh didn’t continue to study after graduated from elementary school because her famil...

Thai born overseas Chinese gives lessons in NTHU
2014-12-26 11:00

Chang Bao-yu is thirty-nine years old. She is a Thai born overseas Chinese. She won the Thailand Royal scholarship to study her master and doctor in the US at the age of twenty-one. Afterwards, sh...

Indonesian born new immigrant designs picture books to narrate stories of home country
2014-12-22 11:00

“We fly the kites on the roof instead of the grass,” said Hsu Ching-ying who is Indonesian born new immigrant. Hsu married her Taiwanese husband nineteen years ago. Hsu wears the tradi...

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