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Chinese born new immigrant acts as a volunteer traffic controller
2015-01-09 16:30

Chinese-born new immigrant Yen Mei-chen met her Taiwanese husband on blind date sixteen years ago. She soon got married with him. Yen said she was so afraid that was thinking to run away when she ...

Indonesian born new immigrant makes well adaption to Taiwan
2015-01-05 16:30

40-year-old Indonesian-born new immigrant Peng Hsueh-chien married Taiwanese husband when she was twenties. Due to Peng is an overseas Chinese in Indonesia, she can speak Hakka. However, her husba...

Studious Indonesian born new immigrant goes to school
2014-12-29 11:00

Indonesian-born new immigrant Hsieh Li-li comes a family that is engaged in agriculture. Studying-hard Hsieh didn’t continue to study after graduated from elementary school because her famil...

Thai born overseas Chinese gives lessons in NTHU
2014-12-26 11:00

Chang Bao-yu is thirty-nine years old. She is a Thai born overseas Chinese. She won the Thailand Royal scholarship to study her master and doctor in the US at the age of twenty-one. Afterwards, sh...

Indonesian born new immigrant designs picture books to narrate stories of home country
2014-12-22 11:00

“We fly the kites on the roof instead of the grass,” said Hsu Ching-ying who is Indonesian born new immigrant. Hsu married her Taiwanese husband nineteen years ago. Hsu wears the tradi...

Vietnamese-born new immigrant writes poems to show fondness for husband
2014-12-19 11:00

Vietnamese-born new immigrant Liu Hsing-chuan is an overseas Chinese in Vietnam. Lin knows her Taiwanese husband Hsu Nien-fu on blind date. At the beginning, they write the letters to each other. ...

Cambodian born new immigrant speaks eight languages and wins certificates in Chinese cuisine and technician for mixing
2014-12-15 11:00

Cambodian born new immigrant Wu Jin-hua married her Taiwanese husband who comes from Yunlin County eleven years ago. The country life is so boring for her and moreover, her husband was dispatched ...

Creative seventy-old Chinese born new immigrant in Taiwan
2014-12-12 11:00

Yeh Hsien was born in China in 1945. Yeh moved to Vietnam with her families when she was two years old. She went through several demostic wars and turmoils in Vietnam. She grows up in a patriachy ...

Flash marriage between Chinese woman and Taiwanese man
2014-12-08 11:00

In March 2011, Hsieh Yin encountered a polite man when she took a trip with friends in Guilin, China. Her friend introduced her a guy is from Taiwan whose name is Pan Kuo-hao. They fell in love at...

Indonesian born new immigrant learns ㄅㄆㄇ
2014-12-05 11:00

Lin Hsiao-yen was born in 1982. She is a girl who is always vivid and positive toward her life. She said she can’t understand Mandarin when she just married her Taiwanese husband. She was de...

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