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One-third of Taiwanese divorces take place within 5 years of marriage

2020-07-12 15:30

 A third of the 54,346 divorces recorded in Taiwan in 2019 took place within five years of marriage, setting a new decade high, reports said Saturday (July 11).

Earlier data from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) showed that 134,524 weddings took place last year, a fall of 0.65 percent from the previous year. Even though the new figure includes 2,939 newly legalized same-sex marriages, it is the lowest in a decade, CNA reported.

The overall number of divorces also fell — by 0.1 percent from 2018 and by 6.36 percent compared to 2010, according to the latest MOI data.

The average duration of the marriages of the couples divorcing last year was 8.17 years, with 18,816, or 34.6 percent, leaving each other within 5 years. Both the number and percentage of couples divorcing before their sixth year of marriage were the highest in a decade.

The second-largest group were the couples divorcing between their fifth and ninth year of marriage, totaling 11,953, or 21.99 percent.


Couples of mixed nationality accounted for 17.88 percent of the divorces last year, with 9.62 percent involving a spouse from China, Hong Kong, or Macau, and 6.97 percent a spouse from Southeast Asia, the ministry said.

Source:Taiwan News

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