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I-Mei Foods No.1 in Taiwan for fast-moving consumer goods: Kantar Brand Footprint

2020-07-12 06:30

 Taiwanese bought 86 million products from I-Mei Foods Co. last year, making it the No.1 company for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), according to the Kantar Brand Footprint 2020 report published Thursday (July 9).

The figure meant that an estimated 7.7 million households in Taiwan, or 88.9 percent of the total, had bought an I-Mei product at least once.

The survey covered 1.5 billion consumption decisions over the past year and found that the 7.7 million households had taken home an I-Mei product an average of 10.1 times, with its dairy and soy drinks leading the way. The company has maintained a positive reputation for quality, even when part of the Taiwanese food sector came under close scrutiny during food safety scandals in 2013-2014.

Other brands on the FMCG list included Kuang Chuan at No. 2 with 61 million purchases by 6.65 million households and FreshDelight at No. 3 with 46 million purchases by 5.85 million households.


Food conglomerate Uni-President Enterprises Corporation saw three of its subsidiaries featured in the top 10, while the only private label brand launched by a retail group was Costco's Kirkland Signature, according to the survey.

The Brand Footprint 2020 report covered 300 billion consumer decisions in 43 countries involving 18,000 brands, Kantar said.

Source:Taiwan News

I-Mei No. 1 on Kantar FMCG list for Taiwan. (I-Mei photo)

(說明:I-Mei No. 1 on Kantar FMCG list for Taiwan. (I-Mei photo))

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