There once lived a gorgeous fox with a beautiful and furry tail. He was the most stunning fox of all.

One day as the fox was strolling along a rice paddy, his tail got caught in a trap that a farmer had set up earlier that day.

“Dear me, that hurts!” the fox cried as the trap clamped on to his tail.

The fox tried to extricate himself from the trap. After what seemed like an eternity, he freed himself and ran away.

Unfortunately, the fox yanked his tail too hard and ended up breaking his tail in half.

The fox wept and wondered if any of his friends would accept him, a fox without a tail.

Suddenly, he had an idea. He wiped away his tears and went back to his den.

The fox showered and combed his fur. Then he posted a note calling for all his fellow foxes to meet at his den.

The foxes gathered at the entrance to his den. The broken-tailed fox cleared his throat and began to speak.

“My dearly beloved friends,” he said to them, “I’ve been thinking about a profound mystery. What is the purpose of our tails?”

“Unlike cows and horses, we cannot fan mosquitos and bugs away with our tails,” he continued.

“Our tails always get cut off by hunters who turn them into souvenirs. We don’t get to use our tails for our own benefit,” he pointed out.

“Why don’t we just cut our tails off?”

“That would make us look more attractive and prevent us from being targeted by hunters,” the broken-tailed fox said. “Let’s do it!”

The rest of the fox pack didn’t know what to do. They exchanged glances in silence.

Suddenly, a young and cunning fox sneaked up behind him and saw his broken tail.

“Look, everyone!” he exclaimed, “This is why he wants us to cut off our tails.”

All the foxes swarmed over to take a look at his broken tail. They were amused and angered by what they saw.

“You want us to suffer the same dilemma,” an old fox said, “that’s so selfish of you!”

The broken-tailed fox was no longer popular with his friends. From that day on he hid himself in his den to avoid them.