Lohok and the Miraculous Rice

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There once lived an impoverished young man named Lohok. He was a member of the Amis tribe อาเหมย จู่. One day, as Lohok was tilling the land, the rain poured down in torrents.

Lohok hurried to a tree to keep the rain out. Suddenly, a herd of monkeys showed up and said to him, “You’re more than welcome to stay at our place until the sky clears up.”

Lohok followed the monkeys to their cave. The monkey king was very hospitable. To welcome Lohok, the king set up a banquet for him.

Then Lohok saw a sick monkey from afar. “That’s my son,” the king said, “he’s been sick for a long time”.

Lohok was filled with sympathy upon hearing this. He took some herbal medication out of his bag, cooked it, and fed it to the king’s son.

The little monkey soon recovered from illness. To return the favor, the king gave Lohok a bowl of rice.

When Lohok got home, he tried to empty the bowl of rice into a bucket, but for some reason, the rice kept multiplying!

Lohok later told his wife Banah the story of his encounter with the monkeys. “The king has given you a miraculous gift to express his gratitude,” she said.

The never-ending outpouring of rice brought Lohok and Banah out of poverty. They no longer lacked anything and lived happily ever after.

Lohok and Banah donated the miraculous rice to the poor every day. The people were grateful for their kindness and generosity.