Early one morning,an old fisherman went sea-fishing.He cast his net over and over again,but each time it came up empty.

“I’ll try one last time. If I fail again,I’ll go home,” he said,and tossed out his net once more.

This time,the net was heavy as he pulled it in. He was expecting a big fish.

Much to his dismay, all he saw was a small copper bottle.

The fisherman took the bottle and shook it right beside his ear, but he couldn’t hear a thing.

He smelled the bottle - but there was no scent.

The fisherman took out a knife. He pried open the lid with his knife to see what was hiding in the bottle.

Green smoke wafted out of the bottle. The fisherman threw it aside and fell down in terror.

The green smoke grew thicker as it expanded, eventually becoming a fog. When the fog concentrated into a solid object, he saw a bizarre creature.

The fisherman was terrified beyond words. Looming in front of him was a gigantic ogre with flashing eyes, a massive mouth, and trident-like arms.

“Fall on your knees,” the ogre said to the fisherman, “I’m going to kill you!”“Who…who are you?” the fisherman asked in a trembling voice.

“I used to be a deity,” said the ogre, “but King Solomon had me locked up in this bottle. I’ve been locked up undersea for the past five hundred years.”

“I’ve set you free,” said the fisherman, “why are you so mean to me?”

“Don’t worry about dying,” the ogre said, “I’m not a ruthless murderer. Choose how you’d like to die and I’ll kill you according to your preference.”

Just when the fisherman thought he was doomed, he spotted the bottle and came up with a brilliant idea.

“Could you do me a favor before I die?” the fisherman asked, hoping the ogre would be compassionate towards him. “I’ve got a question for you to answer.”

“Go ahead,” the ogre said.“Do you swear on your life that you came out of this bottle?” the fisherman pointed to the bottle and asked.

“I swear on my life that I came out of this bottle,” the ogre replied.“I don’t believe that,” the fisherman said, “I want you to prove it.”

To prove himself, the ogre transformed himself back into smoke and went back to the bottle. The fisherman seized the opportunity and locked him in the bottle.

Then he flung the bottle back into the sea so he would never have to deal with the ogre again.