Once upon a time, the Bunun were friends with hundred-pace vipers. They were often seen together.

There was a Bunun couple – Bima and his wife Kabush. They lived a happy life.

Kabush was an amazing weaver. She wanted to make Bima a beautiful outfit.

Kabush liked the pattern on the hundred-pace vipers, so she decided to use that pattern for Bima’s outfit.

On day, Kabush saw a mother hundred-pace viper slithering along with her child.

“I would like to design an outfit according to your baby’s pattern. Is it ok if I invite your baby to my place?” Kabush asked.

The mother viper agreed and let her child stay there for seven days.

Kasbush took the baby viper home and designed the outfit according to its pattern.

Kabush made a beautiful outfit three days later.

People were astounded by its beauty when they saw Bima wearing it.

The women of the tribe flocked to Kabush to borrow the baby viper.

The women took turns working with the baby viper, and the poor little thing grew frailer with each passing day.

When the mother viper came to pick her baby up on the seventh day, she was livid with rage. She could not believe how sick her baby was.

The mother viper and her friends launched an attack on Bima and Kabush.

The Bunun people were enraged. They attacked and wounded all the vipers they could find.

The viper king was enraged. He brought a mighty viper army and marched toward the Bunun village.

“Let’s be friends,” the Chief of the tribe said to the viper king, “we’re friends. We’re supposed to live in harmony with one another.”

And turning to Kabush, he said, “You lent the baby viper to your friends. If you had been more careful, the baby would not be sick. You should apologize to the mother viper.”

Kabush apologized to the mother viper.“I should apologize too,” said the mother viper, “I attacked and wounded you. I’m sorry.”

And they all made up and lived happily ever after.