Once upon a time, there was a lazy young man from the Saisiyat tribe. He was always sleeping.

In a fit of rage, his mother decided to spank him with a stick. The stick stuck to him like glue as soon as it touched him.

The stick turned into a tail the minute it touched him, eventually turning him into a monkey.

The monkey-turned boy ran into the forest and bawled his eyes out. Suddenly, a dove approached him to comfort him.

After listening to the boy’s story, the dove told him that she used to be a human girl.

She sneaked into the forest one day to play hopscotch.

She ended up getting lost in the wilderness.

Suddenly, her arms were transformed into wings and she turned into a dove.

The newly transformed girl wanted to fly home so she was going to appeal to the god for help. The monkey decided to go with her.

They walked on and on till they saw a crying bear.

The black bear said he was friends with a peacock. He also said they used to have white bodies.

One day, they decided to paint each other. The white bear put all kinds of colors on the peacock.

But the peacock put black paint on the white bear and drew a V-shaped neckline on the bear’s chest.

The dove comforted the big black bear and suggested that he seek help from the god. The bear joined them and they took off together.

They finally found the god they had been looking for. The three animals shared the stories of their ordeals with the god.

So, the god gave the dove a good sense of direction so she could find her way back home, and immediately the dove flew straight home.

Then, the god said the peacock would be punished for making fun of the bear. He would be placed inside a birdcage as a spectacle.

Finally, he gave the monkey the ability to climb trees. The monkey was happy that he could climb trees and pick bananas.

“It was sloth that turned you into a monkey,” the god said, “so you have to pay a price for your special ability. You’ll be chased every time you steal a banana.”

After that, the monkey would always steal bananas from trees, and people would always chase him away.