One day, as Dan was walking on the street, he saw a ball of yarn. He picked it up out of curiosity and played with it.

“Want to play together?” the yarn asked. “Sure, Yarnie,” Dan replied, “let’s play together!”

“Let’s play Abracadabra! I can make all kinds of crazy patterns with my yarn,” Yarnie suggested, “look, they look like bubbles!”

“How cute,” Dan said, “they look like potatoes.”

Yarnie jumped up and down. “Wow, they look like mountains,” Yarnie said with a pant, “some are high and some are low.”

“They look like three fingers,” Dan said.

Yarnie swung his arms to make circles. What did they look like? “They look like the seeds you normally see on rice fields,” Yarnie said.

“They look more like bouncing elastic bands!”

Yarnie threw his yarn in the air and made a new pattern. “It looks like the monster I see in my nightmares!” Yarnie screamed, “Run!”

“No, it doesn’t. It looks like a cute puppy!”

Yarnie decided to make a new pattern by rolling on the ground. “Watch out,” he said with a trembling voice, “these could be a monster’s footprints!”

“I think it looks more like a green leaf,” Dan said with a peaceful voice.

Yarnie and Dan were never in agreement, but they enjoyed each other’s company.

Yarnie took a deep breath and created a new pattern. “It looks like a rabbit!” “It looks like a flying bird!”

Yarnie took a deep breath, stood on his hands, and breathed out a new pattern.“It looks like a flying whale!”

“No, it’s a running elephant!”

“What does this look like?” Yarnie asked, pointing at the circles he had just drawn.“It looks like a pig.”

“They look like a huge lollipop.”

That evening, they took the moon and stars off the sky and turned them into a necklace. They held on to the necklace as they walked home together.

They smiled and looked forward to making more patterns tomorrow.