The old snail liked to go for walks with the young snail.

“How much longer till we get there?” the young snail asked the old snail. “Almost there,” the old snail answered.

The two snails climbed up a branch. They stumbled across a red bird singing on the branch.

“Let the bird’s melodious voice accompany us as we walk along,” the old snail suggested.“Would that make us walk faster?” the young snail asked.

The two snails moved to the riverbank. They stumbled across a turtle.

“The stream is very clear,” said the old snail, “no wonder the turtle likes it here.” “What if the turtle falls into the stream?” the young snail asked, “he can’t make it home if he gets stuck.”

As they strolled along the pebble path, they stumbled across a strayed dog.

“That dog is walking very slowly,” the old snail said, “I guess homelessness could be a blessing.” “Did he become homeless because he couldn’t find his way back home?” the young snail asked.

The two snails reached the beach. They stumbled across two crabs engaging in arm wrestling.

“I have a strong feeling the big crab will fall into the sea,” said the old snail.“What if we fall into the sea?” asked the young snail.

The two snails climbed up a reef. They stumbled across an octopus making dinner.

“The seaweed noodles look delicious,” said the old snail.“I’m hungry,” said the young snail, “hungry and scared. When are we going home?”

The two snails crawled up to the whale and rested on his back. They had already walked hundreds of miles away from home, but the journey seemed endless.

“The night view is so beautiful,” said the old snail, “didn’t realize that till now. We didn’t get to see this back home.” “It is beautiful indeed,” said the young snail, “I can’t wait to go home.”

“It’s been a long journey,” the young snail said, cuddling against the old snail, “and it’s getting dark. How are we going to find our way back home?”

The old snail’s body glowed. He opened the door in his shell and beckoned the young snail to come in.

The young snail walked into the shell and found a festive meal on the table. “Have a rest,” the old snail said, “it doesn’t matter how long the journey is, as long as we stay together as a family. Good night, my baby.”

“Dinner’s delicious, Dad,” said the young snail, “good night! We’ll keep walking tomorrow.”

When the young snail woke up the next day, everything looked unfamiliar and different to him again. “Where are we, Dad?” he asked, “I thought we were going home.”

“The world is bigger than you think,” said the old snail, “you should expand your field of vision. Home is where our lives collide.”