Mochi was the best tree climber in the forest.

As he gained more expertise in tree-climbing, he went for taller trees.

Nothing was impossible for Mochi.

King Tiger gave him the Master of Tree Climbing award.

“What’s the point of living if I can’t reach the top of the tallest tree?” Mochi would always ask himself.

One day, Mr. Fox walked up to Mochi.“You have a beautiful medal,” he smirked, “but you’re missing something.”

“What is it?” Mochi asked.“It’d be better if you could remove the brightest silver medal from the sky,” said the fox.

“And just how do I that?” Mochi asked.“It can only be reached by the best tree climber,” the fox smirked. “But that should be easy for you.”

“I can do it! I’ll remove the silver medal from the sky!” Mochi exclaimed. All the animals in the forest applauded in unison.

Mochi spent many nights climbing, trying to reach the brightest silver medal in the world. “Almost there! Keep going,” Mochi said to himself.

Half a month went by and still Mochi hadn’t reached the medal. “Can Mochi make it to the end?” the animals of the forest whispered.

One night, Mochi fell out of the tree because he was too tired.

“Mochi the tree climber fell off a tree while climbing,” Mr. Fox told King Tiger, “he’s unworthy of his award. You should take it back.” The king agreed with the fox. “I’m taking his title back,” the king announced. “He’s no longer the Master of Tree Climbing.”

Mochi was down in the dumps.He walked over to the lake and stared at the blue water in tears.

“Why are you so down in the dumps, Mochi?” Mr. Owl asked.“Because I can’t reach the silver medal in the sky,” Mochi answered. “And nobody calls me the master of tree climbing anymore.”

“Is that the silver medal you’re talking about?” the owl asked, pointing at the moon’s reflection in the lake.

Mochi couldn’t believe he was looking at the moon’s reflection.“How come I never noticed it?” he asked in surprise.“Is it because you’ve been looking in the wrong place?” asked the owl, “like in the sky?”

After that life-changing conversation, Mochi was able to put a smile back on his face.He stopped stressing himself out, because he realized there was more to life than just tree-climbing.

He helped birds build nests.

Mochi saw a stranded kitten on a tree. He took her down and helped her find her way back home.

Though stripped of the tree climbing award, Mochi was later awarded with the Outstanding Service Award. It was given to him by the king.

And every now and then he’d come to the lake to chat with Mr. Owl.

The moon gradually turned into a curvy smile.