The five most unique vehicles for foreigners in Taiwan

Taiwan 5 most unique vehicles   (Photo/Authorized & Provided by I’m Jonas)
Taiwan 5 most unique vehicles (Photo/Authorized & Provided by I’m Jonas)

Video Authorized & Provided by::I’m Jonas

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Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】The ordinary things in Taiwan may be unique to foreigners.  In this episode of “ New Immigrants in Taiwan”, the YouTuber Jonas from Sweden will introduce what he thinks are the five most unique vehicles in Taiwan.  The YouTuber Francois from France will be the guest on this episode, sharing his opinions and experiences about the theme.

The Youbike rental station(Photo/Authorized & Provided by I’m Jonas)

The Youbike, which Jonas ranks as the 5th most unique vehicle among the five, is a bike-sharing system in Taiwan.  The bike-sharing system was launched in Taipei in 2009, and it’s available in most cities in Taiwan now.

Francois mentions that he didn’t buy a bicycle in Taiwan because there was a Youbike rental station just downstairs from his house.  You still can rent a bike at midnight even if the MRT is closed.   Francois appreciates the cheap rental fee, the convenience and the high degree of stability of the vehicle.

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Taiwan Trash Car(Photo/Authorized & Provided by I’m Jonas)

The Trash Car, which Jonas ranks as the 4th.  The Trash Car in Taiwan always plays the same song “Für Elise”.  Once hearing the melody, you will know that the trash car is coming. 

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The Mobility Scooter is often seen in the countryside.(Photo/Authorized & Provided by I’m Jonas)

The Mobility Scooter is ranked 3rd on Jonas’s list.  This type of vehicle is often seen in the countryside.  When Jonas drives on the road, he always cares for the Mobility Scooter, because it’s often driven by the elderly.  Jonas and his wife also drive this vehicle on the road for short distances.

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The Gogoro(Photo/Authorized & Provided by I’m Jonas)

The Gogoro is ranked 2nd on Jonas’s list.  Francois says the Gogoro is just like the scooter-version Tesla.  Both of them are driven by the battery.  When the Gogoro runs out of battery, just exchange the fully charged batteries from the charging station.   

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The Blue Truck(Photo/Authorized & Provided by I’m Jonas)

Number 1 of Jonas’s list is the Blue Truck.  The Blue Truck in Taiwan is called “facai che”.  It means you will be rich by driving this vehicle, because you can take a lot of goods in the truck and then sell it out in the market.

At the end of this episode, Francois says the number one of his opinion is the Trash Car.  He thinks the Trash Car is advanced, and there are so many things happening inside.

Those five Vehicles are very common in Taiwan but unique for foreigners.  In what we consider to be extremely ordinary things, there may be unexpected cultural highlights

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