New Immigrants from Japan trying Taiwanese breakfast, Chinese omelet with soy milk, for the first time and compliments on how good it tastes.

Atsuta Yuka (right), from Hokkaido, tried Taiwanese breakfast for the first time. (Photo Credit: Kazuki)
Atsuta Yuka (right), from Hokkaido, tried Taiwanese breakfast for the first time. (Photo Credit: Kazuki)

[Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] Kazuki, who is from Nagoya, has a lot of experience of performance in his hometown and decided to come to Taiwan broaden his career as an actor. Since he is very interested in Chinese, he can learn Chinese while working. Besides, he even start a YouTube channel named [Yishu Kazuki] in Taiwan, sharing his daily life in foreign country, and the differences in culture between Taiwan and Japan. In [How New Immigrants look at Taiwan] unit, Kazuki introduced classic Taiwanese breakfast to Japanese friends.

"Hi, everyone, I'm Atsuta Yuka from Hokkaido!" She introduced herself energetically, and shared that for more than a year staying in Taiwan, she had not been to any Taiwanese breakfast restaurant before. As her friend, Kazuki decided to bring her to the breakfast, "Pin Soy Milk”, where he had worked as a one day part time before, to try Chinese omelets, soy milk, radish cake and rice balls. Speaking of breakfast, Yuka mentioned that she usually eat fruit and yogurt, and also mentioned that some Taiwanese breakfast open from AM to PM, which is  very special.

Yuka described the egg in Chinese omelet tastes similar to Japanese Tamagoyaki. (Photo Credit: Kazuki)

The Chinese omelette and soy milk are served first, and the meal is accompanied by handmade chili sauce and soy sauce paste. As she look closer to the the Chinese omelette, Yuka said, "The egg inside is very similar to Japanese tamagoyaki." Being a spicy food lover, Yuka coated the omelette with a thick layer of chili sauce, and ate the whole omelet in one bite, savor its flavor.

Yuka thinks the freshly made soy milk tasted very fresh, as if it is alive. (Photo Credit: Kazuki)

"It's delicious, the omelette is tenderly chewy!" Yuka said in pleasantly. After trying the soy sauce paste, she said that it is the definitely the taste that Japanese people would like and she personally likes it very much as well. Then she tried the soy milk that was made freshly, she said "Why is it so delicious, the taste is very natural, as if it is alive!" Yuka felt that this taste was completely different from the soy milk that is usually sell in convenience stores, and she was full of energy after drinking it.

Followed by the omelette and soy milk are small square radish cakes and long rice balls. Yuka thinks that radish cake goes well with soy sauce paste. On the other hand, the rice balls are filled with meat floss, dried radish, and sauerkraut. Since rice balls are made of the glutinous rice, it tastes very springy, suitable to eat for breakfast. After all, Yuka said that she is envious on Taiwanese people on how they can have such delicious breakfasts choices to choose from. Overall, chinese omelette was her number one ranking on breakfast.

Kazuki also introduced other flavor of omelette to Yuka, such as cheese omelette, crispy omelet, vegetable omelette, etc…, making Yuka wants to taste them so badly.  At the end, Kazuki and Yuka will meet again next time to try other flavors of omelette.

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