South Korean tries affordable & delicious Vietnamese vegetarian dishes in Taichung

South Korean tries affordable & delicious Vietnamese vegetarian dishes in Taichung. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Yang San)
South Korean tries affordable & delicious Vietnamese vegetarian dishes in Taichung. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Yang San)
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A girl from Gyeonggido of South Korea, Yang San (陽傘양산), has lived in Taiwan for about 4 years. She once had a study tour to Kaohsiung after graduating from high school. With positive experiences living in Taiwan, she thus chose to enter a university here. When she was in college, she watched a video that transformed her into a vegetarian. Then she started cooking vegetarian dishes by herself and visiting some vegetarian restaurants in Taiwan.

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Because there are not many vegetarians in South Korea, Yang San wishes to share more about vegetarian food through videos and therefore created a YouTube Channel 陽傘양산. This type of YouTube channel is quite novel and has attracted more audiences gradually, as well as enables Taiwanese vegetarians to exchange their information online. In this episode of the "New Immigrants in Taiwan" column, Yang San tried affordable vegetarian Vietnamese food in Taichung.

Yang San her friend arrived at the storefront of a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant during lunchtime. Seeing the proprietress cooking and serving dishes for more than ten tables of customers, Yang San said, “It seems that we have chosen the right restaurant!”

Signature pho soup. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Yang San)

As Vietnamese Pho is a must-try dish, Yang San ordered two flavors of it, including “Signature Pho Soup” and “Spicy Pho Soup”. Besides, the pho provided here is handmade and one can choose between fine and wide noodles.

“The pho has a nice and chewy texture, and the soup has an extraordinary flavor,” Yang San said. “Every piece of ingredients is very tasty, and the proprietress should have stewed them for a long time.”

Spicy pho soup. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Yang San)

Afterward, the spicy pho soup was served. Yang San had a taste of it and said, “the soup is more flavorful than the signature pho soup, and it is not that spicy but still mouth-watering.”

Vietnamese Baguette sandwich. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Yang San)

Furthermore, Yang San was excited to try the Vietnamese Baguette sandwich with salad and ham. “Usually it is made with meat, so I really look forward to trying the vegetarian one here!” The roasted bread together with sweet and sour carrot pickles, fresh cucumbers, peppers, coriander, vegetarian hams, and salad dressing. “It’s yummy and there is no fishy smell”

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Lemongrass fried rice. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Yang San)

“Once you hear the name – lemongrass fried rice, you would know it’s a dish from Nanyang.” There was a fresh smell of lemongrass when it was served, Yang San then took a bite of the food and said, “I am amazed by the special taste!”

Vietnamese cold noodles. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Yang San)

Lastly, she tried cold noodles with bean sprouts, tofu skin, lettuce, carrots, peanuts, and dressing. “It’s appetizing and the texture of noodles is so chewy, and we highly recommend this vegetarian restaurant to everyone!”

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