What do eight years old kids learn? Students in first grade usually have an understanding and knowledge of basic skills in language such as the alphabet and Chinese phonetic symbols, as well as a passion for watching cartoons or playing computer games. 

We interviewed an eight-year-old student of Taiwanese and Iranian descent who is already an accomplished writer of an illustration book. The talented little man has won praise on the Amazon Bookstore and he is poised to become a bestselling author any time soon. 

Reza Nazari’s parents come from Taiwan and Iran. His father has lived in Taiwan for more than 20 years. 

Thanks to his parents’ support -- he is fluent in Chinese, Taiwanese, English, Iranian and Spanish -- Reza has learn both cultures from an early age. 

There is, therefore, little wonder that Reza is at ease with the Taiwanese culture of his mother and grandparents, but also follows the Muslim traditions of his Iranian father, including the halal diet that prohibits eating pork. 

Speaking of this, Reza said: “Because my father is a Muslim, he doesn’t eat pork. But in Taiwan, we still eat beef, chicken, fish and a lot of food, he added. 

“I told my relatives and friends in Iran that Taiwan is a friendly place with many delicious foods, all of which are food that Muslims can eat!” 

The versatile Reza started painting at an early age. He has a rich imagination, and he excels at science and music. After only learning saxophone and piano for one year, he started to actively participate in school competitions and activities. 

At the beginning of the interview, Reza was so shy and nervous about the cameras and reporters in the studio that he hid behind his mother and did not dare to speak. 

The reporter asked Reza to play saxophone to help him relax so that he could speak freely and face the camera. 

Reza explained that he never thought his homework would become a book but the school adopted distance learning because of the pandemic, meaning that he spent more time reading and drawing at home. 

His picture book, “The Alternate Universe: The Horror Awaits,” was published as result!  

It was originally Reza’s English homework during that period, but it won his teacher’s praise because of his rich imagination, advanced concepts and clear expressions and colorful paintings. After discussing with his mother, the teacher encouraged Reza to continue ton his journey to make it a picture book. 

The Alternate Universe: the Horror Awaits! is written by Reza Nazari. Image courtesy of Reza Nazari.

Reza’s mother recalled that he has liked reading from an early age. He has a rich imagination, and he often comes up with creative ideas, the mother said. Reza said that he likes Roald Dahl’s “Matilda” best and admires Matilda’s extraordinary wisdom and whimsical world. I hope to be as powerful as Matilda in the future, he said: 

According to his mother, Reza’s multicultural family background was instrumental in his interest to explore and discover. 

For now, his mother hopes that he can finish high school in Taiwan and then travel to see the world on his own. 

“The Alternate Universe: The Horror Awaits!” is a sci-fi picture book about four friends who meet to defeat aliens. 

The pandemic last year left him with watching video classes at home. To him, COVID-19 is like a big bad guy suddenly rising up to stop him and classmates from having class. 

Reza hopes to use this story to cheer his classmates and children all over the world. Reza 

“The Alternate Universe: The Horror Awaits!” has helped him share his take of seeing the world. 

The NIA Global News also specially prepare a video on Reza’s book “The Alternate Universe: The Horror Awaits!”  

The book is also translated into Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, so that more children can read this picture book without language barriers  

 “The Alternate Universe: The Horror Awaits!” --- If you are interested in this picture book; you can buy it online here

Reza was praised by Amazon as a young genius writer who has the potential to become a star in the future. Image courtesy of Reza Nazari.



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