Chang(張氏錦萍): From a Car Cleaner to an international Beautician

Chang(張氏錦萍), on the left with her husband Liu (劉洛祥) on the right. Photo provided by National Education Radio
Chang(張氏錦萍), on the left with her husband Liu (劉洛祥) on the right. Photo provided by National Education Radio
Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】Editor/ Tim Wu (吳宗翰)

In cooperation with the National Education Radio, a series (幸福北台灣) of exciting stories about new immigrants in Taiwan is launched. This episode (國際認證美容講師張氏錦萍 在台灣站起) invites Chang (張氏錦萍) from Vietnam and her husband, Liu(劉洛祥) to share her story of becoming an international beautician from a car factory cleaner all the way after she came to with Taiwan the host Chen Ya Yu (陳亞鈺) and Chen Yu Shui (陳玉水).  

Taiwan Immigrants' Global News Network】presents this episode in 5 languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian, enabling more readers to explore immigrants’ life in Taiwan.

Chang(張氏錦萍), and her husband Liu (劉洛祥) with the host Chen Ya Yu (陳亞鈺) and Chen Yu Shui (陳玉水).Photo provided by National Education Radio

"Before I marry my wife, I told my family that if you dare to bully my wife in the future, we should not live together. She came from far away; how can we not cherish her and love her?" When Chang (張氏錦萍)'s husband, Liu(劉洛祥) said this on the show, the two hosts couldn't help exclaiming: "The good husband is here!"

Chang (張氏錦萍), who married to Taiwan from Vietnam, was originally a housewife, she wanted to support the family but she was not fluent in Chinese which made it  difficult to find a job. At first, she could only work as a cleaner in banks and car factories, and also worked in a wire assembly factory. Chang often needs to bind heavy wires, and there are always large and small scars on her body, which make her husband’s heart aches.

Chang (張氏錦萍)'s life has been changed ever since the husband took her to listen to a lecture from a beautician he had seen one day. She is determined about stepping into the beauty business. She continued to be licensed as a manicurist, eyelash artist, and beauty educator a year after being admitted as a tattoo instructor. The 2022 new immigrant recognition was also given to the beauty salon.

Chang (張氏錦萍) was questioned by the host on the distinction between Vietnamese and Taiwanese customers. According to her, "Vietnamese new immigrants who run stores generally promote local products since they learn technology from Vietnam, whereas Taiwanese pay more attention to beauty materials and ingredients.

The host asked her if she had anything to say to the new immigrants before the show ended. "How can new immigrants discover their stage?" remarked Chang (張氏錦萍) "You must persevere if you have a dream. Never worry that you won't be able to accomplish it. You can succeed if you work hard in your studies."

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