New Taipei City “International Multiple Service Counter” Seven Languages to Help New Immigrants Solve Their Difficulties

 Secretary Yu-Ling Ke introducing the “International Multiple Service Counter” in New Taipei City.  Credit: New Immigrant’s Family Growth Association
Secretary Yu-Ling Ke introducing the “International Multiple Service Counter” in New Taipei City. Credit: New Immigrant’s Family Growth Association

Cooperate with the National Education Radio 【Happy United Nation】to report the stories of new immigrants in Taiwan. In this episode “Consultation Channels for New Immigrants During the Epidemic” (Broadcasting on June 24th on the National Education Radio), Yu-Ling Ke, secretary-general of New Immigrant’s Family Growth Association, was specially invited to introduce the “International Multiple Service Counter” in Nw Taipei City, which has been established for more than ten years, and the hosts Zhen-Nan Wu and Xiu-Lian Huang conducted the interviews. Under the unfamiliar language and culture,  it is difficult to start a life in a foreign land. No matter it is the epidemic prevention information disseminated by the government or the sequences of vaccinations, they often seeing but never perceiving and hearing but not understanding; The organization provides consulting services for new immigrants in seven language when they face difficulties in life, New immigrants are welcome to make a good use of it.

【Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network】also translated and written this episode into five languages, including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian, so that more readers and listeners can understand more about the life of  new immigrants in a foreign land.

“International Multiple Service Counter” Accepting New Immigrants’ Consultation on Various Problems of Daily Life in Taiwan. Credit: New Immigrant’s Family Growth Association

Yu-Ling Ke said that the New Taipei City Government Entrusted the Association to set up an “International Multiple Service Counter“ to accept new immigrants

Consultation on life adaption, recruitment consultation, spouse relationship, parenting education and other issues. Last year, there was a new immigrant mother who suffered domestic violence. She lives with her three children after divorced. Under the livelihood and residence problems, she came to seek assistance, and successfully obtained a Permanent Resident Certificate.

"Service is not only temporary, assistance for long term request is also available” This is the original intention of the establishment of the "International Multiple Service Counter". Yu-Ling Ke said that when new immigrants encounter marital problems in Taiwan, they often choose to tolerate it because of their children, at this time, the service platform plays a role of "Driftwood". From free legal consultation, living allowances to assistance in employments, colleagues provide one-stop services, and personally guide new immigrants who are struggling with language barriers through the application process.

In terms of children’s education, before the children of new immigrants enter primary school, when a mother was busy with work, she normally decided to sent her child back to home country until the stage of pursuing studies, the child will be taken back to Taiwan to enter the school. Since this group of “Transnational Students” had never been exposed to Chinese since childhood, they have language barriers in classes. Therefore, the volunteer team from International Multiple Service Counter provides “Basic Chinese Lessons” to teach this group of children to learn Chinese, so as to facilitate their transition to Taiwan education.

Interpreters Formed an “Epidemic Prevention Team” to Provide Services in Seven Languages During the Epidemic. Credit: International Multiple Service Counter

In addition, during the epidemic, the interpreters from International Multiple Service Counter also formed an “Epidemic Presentation Team” to provide consultation services in seven languages, including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai, Indonesian and Burmese, so that new immigrants can live in a foreign land and continue to receive peer- to peer  epidemic prevention information and reduce the risk of infection.

Although the unit was established by the association entrusted by New Taipei city, there are also new immigrants from other counties and cities come to consult and apply for residence documents. Yu-Ling said with a smile, “We are more busybody, new immigrants from other counties and cities will also come to use our service when they encounter difficulties in life.”

Malaysian Host Zhen-nan Wu sharing his life experience.Credit:National Education Radio

Zhen-Nan Wu, a host from Malaysia, shared his own experience. He mentioned that he once didn’t have time to line up to purchase rapid tests and called the relevant unit for consultation, but waited a long time with no one to pick up the phone; after hearing the introduction from Yu-Ling Ke, he praises the convenience of the “International Multiple Service Counter”. In the program, the two hosts also affirmed the “enthusiasm service” of the interpreters, and hoped that when new immigrants encountered difficulties in Taiwan, they could call or go to the “International Multiple Service Counter” for services.

  • International Multiple Service CounterContact Information

Time: Monday to Friday (8:30 - 17:30)

Address: West side of 1st Floor, New Taipei City Hall- United Service Center

Tel: (02) 2960-3456 (Dial 1999 with New Taipei City local phone)

Ext.: Vietnamese #5126, Filipino/English #5125, Thai #5123, Indonesian #5122, Burmese #5100

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