NIA Culture Chat Room Podcast: The Second-generation Immigrants Share their Medical Work Experience

Li Jia-ling (利佳玲), the Indonesian second-generation immigrant. Photo provided by National Immigration Agency
Li Jia-ling (利佳玲), the Indonesian second-generation immigrant. Photo provided by National Immigration Agency
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In order to present a collection of great stories of new immigrants to Taiwan, the [Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] collaborates with National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior's podcast series [Culture Chat Room]. [Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] has also compiled this episode into 5 languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian. Zhang Ting-wei (張庭維) and Li Jia-ling (利佳玲), two exceptional second-generation immigrants, are specifically invited to this episode. Discuss medical issues, inform readers of the variations in the healthcare systems in other nations, and expose common misconceptions about sports injuries.

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Zhang Ting-wei(張庭維) (third from left) is the second-generation immigrant  ambassador of the NIA Taipei City Service Center who loves to help others.Photo provided by National Immigration Agency

Zhang Ting-wei (張庭維) is studying at Cardinal Tien Junior College of Healthcare and Management. His mother is from China. Zhang has a kind personality. He made the decision to become a nurse because, as long as he sees someone in need, he will assist them. Hardly many males would decide to become nurses. Zhang claimed that his family is very supportive of him and that he is very fortunate.

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Zhang Ting-wei(張庭維) carefully bathes the newborn.Photo provided by National Immigration Agency

Zhang visited many departments over the internship. He felt a little embarrassed as a male nurse with female patients, but he kept a professional demeanor and assisted patients with female interns. He received a lot of affirmation from the patient, and as a result, there were no conflicts. A doctor's visit in China is significantly more expensive than in Taiwan, according to Zhang. To see a doctor cost several thousand New Taiwan dollars, and the Chinese population favors Chinese medicine.

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The podcast "Culture Chat Room" produced by National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior invites different new immigrants to share their life experiences in each episode.Photo provided by National Immigration Agency

Li Jia-ling (利佳玲) is a student in the Department of Exercise and Health Sciences at the University of Taipei. She will likely work in this sector in the future as a coach and sports manager, according to the widespread consensus. In order to develop skills like treatment and rehabilitation, Li stated that she hopes to study at medically connected department. She might eventually work as a sports injury preventer, an ambulance emergency rescuer, and an elderly care provider.

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Li Jia-ling (利佳玲)and her mother Li Mei-ying(李美英).Photo provided by National Immigration Agency

Li also provides readers with helpful health advice for athletes. People are vulnerable to two forms of ankle sprains and thigh muscle strains from the most typical jogging. Muscle tension is frequently the cause of strained thighs. Running while pulling might lead to laceration. Before exercising, it is advised to stretch all of your muscles and warm up sufficiently. Just a little heat is needed during the warm-up period.

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