Canadian immigrant enjoys an all-English journey in Tainan, savoring local cuisines

Kelsi visited numerous tourist attractions in Tainan, and the all-English journey was a wonderful one. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Kelsi May)
Kelsi visited numerous tourist attractions in Tainan, and the all-English journey was a wonderful one. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Kelsi May)


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Kelsi from Canada made a Taiwanese friend in senior high school, and that was when her interest in Taiwanese idol dramas and pop music blossomed. She then embarked on her journey to learn Chinese from drama, TV series, and books by herself. In university, she applied for a scholarship to study the Chinese language in Taiwan and met her current husband Louis that summer. Now, she is an immigrant residing in Taiwan.

As a travel lover, Kelsi created a YouTube Channel - Kelsi May凱西莓, sharing tourist attractions and life in Taiwan. In this episode of the "New Immigrants in Taiwan" column, Kelsi visited numerous tourist attractions in Tainan, and the all-English journey was a wonderful one.

Kelsi checked in in English. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Kelsi May)

This time, Kelsi stayed in an English-friendly hotel - Hotel de L'eau. The hotel staff served and provided information to her in English. Besides, signs and notices are in both Chinese and English as well, making foreigners able to understand instructions easily and have a good rest after a long haul.

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On the next morning, Kelsi donned a casual outfit and strolled along the “East Market” which is a traditional wet market in Tainan. In this market with a history of more than 100 years, there are all kinds of vendors, cooked food, raw food, dry goods, and clothing. After crossing the crowded path, Kelsi arrived at a highly recommended traditional bakery.

What caught Kelsi’s eyes are plenty of cakes in different colors and shapes. The proprietress introduced “Heong Peng”, an oval-shaped and brown-sugar-flavored cake in English. Furthermore, she also recommended a popular dessert - Red Bean Rice Cake to her. After one bite of the cake with a chewy texture, Kelsi gave a thumbs up and said, “It’s good!”

Kelsi tried a traditional cake named “Red Bean Rice Cake”. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Kelsi May)

Later, Kelsi found another stall selling smoked braised goods. There was a large and bilingual menu for foreigners’ reference. The approachable proprietress also introduced best-selling food such as chicken leg and duck wing in English. “The duck wing has been marinated for a long time and it has a lot of flavors,” Kelsi said. “The bosses actually spoke pretty good English which I was surprised about.”

“It’s time for lunch,” Kelsi said while visiting an English-friendly restaurant. After looking through the detailed menu, she chose “Signature Rice with Pork Cartilage Set” and savored every mouthful.

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Lastly, Kelsi decided to have a bicycle ride before having dinner in the Garden Night Market. At the T-Bike station, she scanned the special QR code that brings users to an English website. There is information on food, night markets, rural Tainan, shopping, culture, religion, and healthcare. The QR code is also available at bus stops around Tainan.

Kelsi introduced an English friendly QR code at the T-Bike station. (Photo / Authorized & Provided by Kelsi May)

After enjoying a bicycle ride along the historic streets, Kelsi arrived at “Garden Night Market”, which is one of the night markets in Tainan that is English-friendly. With the help of bilingual signs, she tried several gourmet foods and ended this journey with great satisfaction.

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