NIA Culture Chat Room Podcast: New immigrant from Vietnam shares her thoughts on cross-border marriage

Tsai (蔡承佑) and Ruan (阮氏幸) with their two daughters. Photo provided by NIA
Tsai (蔡承佑) and Ruan (阮氏幸) with their two daughters. Photo provided by NIA
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In order to present a collection of great stories of new immigrants to Taiwan, the [Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] collaborates with National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior's podcast series [Culture Chat Room]. In this episode, Tsai (蔡承佑) , a Taiwanese husband, and Ruan (阮氏幸), a new immigrant wife from Vietnam, discuss how they got to know one another, the challenges of cross-border marriages, and how husband and wife get along. [Taiwan Immigrants’ Global News Network] also compiled this episode into 5 languages including Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian for readers.

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Tsai (蔡承佑) and Ruan (阮氏幸) with their two daughters.Photo provided by NIA

More than 10 years ago, Ruan (阮氏幸) first arrived to Taiwan to work as a caretaker. In her profession, she takes it seriously and responsibly. Her compassionate demeanor not only won the hearts of the employer's family but even Tsai (蔡承佑), her employer's grandson. She didn't feel anything special for him at first. They communicate well with one other and chat about anything. They gradually form a positive impression of each other as they get along day and night, which leads to the development of a foreign marriage.

After three months of dating, Tsai (蔡承佑) and Ruan (阮氏幸) made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together, but this choice unavoidably concerned Ruan 's family and friends in Vietnam. Tsai returned to Vietnam with her with the intention of marrying Ruan and paid personal visits to her family and relatives. Ruan's family was ultimately won over by Tsai's sincere approach and straightforward manner, and the two had a peaceful wedding.

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Tsai (蔡承佑) and Ruan (阮氏幸).Photo provided by NIA

After getting married, they have different problems in getting along just like ordinary couples. They often quarrel over differences in living habits or trivial matters, but Tsai takes a step back every time to prevent this situation from continuing. According to him, fighting is occasionally a fleeting sensation, and instead of obsessing about who is right and who is wrong, one should constantly evaluate oneself to see where improvements may be made. The two have gradually learned how to get along after years of bumping into each other.

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The podcast "Culture Chat Room" produced by National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior invites different new immigrants to share their life experiences in each episode.Photo provided by National Immigration Agency

At the end of the interview, Ruan (阮氏幸) advised that new immigrants married to Taiwan not to think too negatively, but rather to have confidence in themselves and to interact with others in a positive way.

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