In 2021, students of the Liou Jia Junior High School filmed a micro-film titled “Heart to Heart”(將心比心) and received first prize in junior high school category of the photography competition held by the Ministry of Education.

Students of Chiayi County Liou Jia Junior High School have participated in the “Dream Building Program for New Immigrants and their Children” launched by the National Immigration Agency (NIA) and received awards in the program for two continuous years.

The art teacher of the Liou Jia Junior High School, Hong Wei Zhen mentions, one-third of the students in Liou Jia Junior High School are children of new immigrants. Hong thinks that it is very meaningful for the MOE to launch this program for the children of new immigrants. Through this program, the students are able to explore their self-identity and follow their dreams.   

Heart to Heart is a film describing the story of a group of students helping a handicapped student. At first, the handicapped student was alienated from the other students. But after understanding each other, all the students worked as a group. In the end, they won first place in a competition. 

The story was inspired by a real story. The students of Liou Jia Junior High School decided to film this story to remind people of the importance of showing compassion to others.   

The  NIA Global News  reporter interviewed the two students that are involved in the film making. The two students, Xiao Jia Yi and Huang Bo Yu are both children of new immigrants.   

Xiao Jia Yi is the photographer of the film. Xiao said she had a fun experience. This is her first time filming a video with a GroPro, she used to film videos with a cellphone. She received much assistance from teachers and school sisters and brothers, they taught her many filming techniques. And through this experience, she started to grow more interested in film. Xiao mentions that she hopes to become a photographer in the future.        

Huang Bo Yu is one of the main characters in the film. His role was unfriendly with the handicapped classmate at first, but then understands the difficulties of the handicapped classmate. To understand his character, Huang searched for many similar characters in films and learned how they express their character. Huang mentions the reason why he played this role is that the teacher asked him to play the role, he thought it was fun so accepted the invitation.      

Aside from the school courses, Chiayi County Liou Jia Junior High School also organized many activities. The school highly values the micro-film filming project. Many students develop a great interest in filmmaking after the program. The NIA Global News reporter believes that these students who participated in this program may become brilliant film workers in the future.   



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